Thursday, April 30, 2009

Heyday - Super Shift Premium in Silver Lizard Leather

Boston based footwear line Heyday is releasing a very special and limited Silver Lizard Leather version of their Super Shift model.

This very limited distribution release and features super premium leather, full leather lining, a memory foam footbed (same as a Tempurpedic) the removable ankle strap that can be worn 6 ways, and the signature Heyday setback eyestay, triple stitching, and original styling. As Meezy put it, that's like having a mattress in your shoe.

These will be available July 1st at Status in Minneapolis, Shoe Gallery in Miami, Sport Sole in Dallas, and Sports Plus in New Orleans.


Rocksmith - Fall 2009 Preview "From '93 Til Infinity"

Rocksmith Tokyo has just released some preview shots of their Fall 2009 collection "From '93 Til Infinity"

Love this crew neck.

Mr. Green

The newly famous Biggie graphic.

Staying with the dark theme Rocksmith gets across their vibe perfectly cause I always just want to wear their cloths at night. The shoot features Talib Kweli, Jesse Boykins III and a few other artists.

Look for this collection to hit accounts late summer when Fall lines start coming in.


via HS

False: Fallacy Of Rome - Gladiator Denim Teaser

Fallacy of Rome, which is the collaboration between False and Lupe Fiasco, has released some teaser images of the upcoming denim that they'll be releasing.

The strictly black and white lines of False and Fallacy of Rome are always so dope so I wouldn't expect anything less from this denim. It looks like the inside of the pocket features some nice artwork. More info of this release when it surfaces.

Support the independents and grab some False and Fallacy of Rome on their online shop.

I definitely need to invest in some False this summer.


Wednesday, April 29, 2009

3sixteen Fall 2009 Photoshoot

After an amazing Spring 2009, 3sixteen returns with a video teaser to a Fall 2009 collection that looks just as amazing.

The video itself is very well done, as well as the collection. The jackets really look great and I'll definitely be checking a few of those out come Fall time. Can't wait to see the full lookbook in the near future.

To have a look at the current Spring season check here.
And you can shop from the all new 3sixteen online store.


A Bathing Ape "Pirate Store" Opens in Karuizawa

Bape has just opened a new pop-up "Pirate Store" in Karuizawa, Japan.

Going all out (as Bape always does) they transformed a small retail space into what looks like the inside of a pirate ship straight off of a movie set. Really well done.

You can see that Nigo is putting those life size shark wearing Teriyaki Boyz models to use in a good way. (They are supposed to be like real sharks, get it? outside in the water and then hung upside down by the treasure.... clever)

The store is empty in the pics but has officially opened as a temporary Bape store, bringing some special products along with it.
The Ape Pirate Tee and Bape Treasure Bag are both exclusive to the store as well as Bape Card members.

So if you are lucky enough to be touring the countryside of Japan in the near future, definitely check out the Bape Pirate store, looks quite amazing.
Sure does make that Kidrobot Pirate Store look like doo doo for using aluminum foil. (I joke though. That store was for other reasons)


via Nigo and Bape

Fragment x Incase - iPhone 3G Slider - Pink & Yellow

After a successful launch of the black and white Fragment sliders there came some word of a second round. Well now InCase has released some images of that 2nd round...

Going completely opposite of black and white, Fragment & InCase went with the inveted colorways of pink and yellow, which this time will apparently only be coming in the shiny version.

Been looking to ditch my all black case for a brighter one for the summer and I believe that one of these just might be the winner. Now just which color?

These will be available through Apple stores in Japan and the Honeyee store soon.


via honeyee

Monday, April 27, 2009

SwaggerDap Competes

If you are following either of us on Twitter (see sidebar to the right) then you may have read that over the past weekend Meezy and I were competing in our school's business plan competition. Syracuse has a very prestigious Entrepreneurship program that hosts a competition each semester where this year there were 49 competing teams.

We blew by the 1st round, which narrowed it down to just 10 teams, and then Meezy got us right into the final 5 with a great elevator pitch. Then it was down to the finals ....

In addition to Meezy and myself, we had some help from our new teammates. That's finance wiz, Courtney above, reading over the 50+ page business plan.

Then we have Alex, who can tell you about our revenue drivers for days ... and you'll still be begging for more.

Last up is Lindsay, retail major who has already worked for the likes of Marc Ecko, and for some reason looks really scared and or nervous in this picture.

Getting some final practice in ...

... then I took a picture of this ceiling that I've always liked. Idk why.

Can you say "Game Face" ? Ice water in these veins.

Then we schooled the judges on streetwear, the people buying it, our blog (Yom and Joan, you got shouted!), and how SwaggerDap will be making millions in quarter two of year 3 of operations.

The judges were very impressed but we ended up falling just short, and finishing in 2nd place. Wack indeed, but considering we beat out 47 teams and over 240 other students, it's nothing to be ashamed of.

One last team picture.

Thanks so much to everyone who helped and supported us on this journey, that is honestly just beginning so be prepared. Special thanks and love goes out to Courtney, Alex, and Lindsay who went from skeptical to believers to dedicated members of the SwaggerDap team. You guys were amazing.

49 to 10 to 5 to 2. Proud but not satisfied. Look out for us.


Louis Vuitton x Takashi Murakami Store in Tokyo

As the collaborations and special releases continue from Louis Vuitton, there is now a new Takashi Murakami redesigned Omotesendo LV store in Tokyo

The Tokyo store was completely done over in Murakami designs, including a huge plush character as a center attraction. As you can see Murakami was there for the unveiling also.


via BBC/IC

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Kanye West - Amazin' (Video)

The other day Kanye released the official video for his song Amazin' featuring Young Jeezy, of off 808's and Heartbreak.

One of my favorite tracks off of 808's it's just humble sounding version of a crazy ego boosting song. The video is absolutely epic and was shot in Hawaii beaches, ocean, and jungles.


Weekend Warriors "Project Mayhem" Spring 2009 Collection

Introducing Weekend Warriors Spring 2009 collection called "Project Mayhem." This collection is to provide females with no soft spot for those who try to weaken them. It's mayhem when it comes to the weekend girls! Their photoshoot is based on a fight-club theme.

"Weekend Warriors came about one 2007 summer weekend in the midst of a male dominated night. Desi Finley and Briana Slape took the opportunity to take the lead in a testosterone fueled streetwear industry and cover it with a bit of estrogen and the slightest hue of lipgloss. Weekend Warriors in the symbolization of the everything woman, that gives her all throughout the week and still exemplifies strengths through the weekend. We are the women of many wonders, strengths through the weekend. We are the women of many wonders, personalities and goals. Revolutionizing streetwear outside of it's own cipher and blatantly calling others to war. Some warriors are born women..." -Weekend Warrior

Make sure to check out Weekend Warrior's website and their spring collection goodies are now available on their online shop. Don't sleep on this ladies; they're runnin' out fast. And also, not to forget their blog which has updates and a list of local retailers who stock up on their new spring collection.

Check out their most recent video that VIMBY has done for all you Weekend Warrior fanatics which features their '09 Collection!

I'm in love with their Cream & Riches White Tee, which is based on a quote from Lil' Kim and The Stick Up long-sleeve tee is simple and amazing. I believe their clothing states what a Weekend Warrior is! What are your thoughts? Would you rock?


via C'est la Vie

Friday, April 24, 2009

New Balance x Undefeated x Stussy: 580 "Full Metal Jacket"

New Balance and Undefeated joining forces to launch the first-ever 580 Undefeated Collection. Along with the 3 pairs of sneakers, Stussy has also jumped on board for the "Full Metal Jacket" tee shirts.

The 580 Undefeated Collection features three distinct looks, all built on the 580 silhouette. The collection features camouflage linings and insert, mid-sole graphics representative of barbed wire and a tongue label imagined from the tag of a military uniform. The collection includes three metallic colorways: gold, silver and black. Each shoe is constructed of premium perforated leather and features signature red laces and custom UNDFTD lace locks.

The New Balance 580 Undefeated Collection will launch this Saturday, April 25th at Undefeated stores exclusively! Also, to go along with this launch there will be “Full Metallic Jacket t-shirts” available for sale at Undefeated stores.


Introducing: The Fresh Fiends - Killer Heels

I was just put onto the Fresh Fiends the other day and a really nice conceptual photo shoot that they put together. The shoot, Killer Heels, is epic story telling through some grim imagery with heels of course acting as weapons of all sorts.

The sharp shoe shooter.

Beauty kills.

Strapped with heels on a suicide mission.

Eat your heart out.

"In an industry where females are pitted against each other for pure entertainment value, founders Lady La and Miss.Summer created a sisterHOOD: a conscious collective of street savvy ideas, infallible style, and a keen sense of FEMALE FEROCITY. Each of them embracing their individuality, the girls are sheer magnetic polarity. Opposites couldn’t be MORE attractive. Always classy, never ashy. The Fresh Fiends."

See the entire photo shoot here, shot by Andy Hartmark


Thursday, April 23, 2009

Original Fake Polo Shirt

4 new Original Fake Polos are released today

The first 2 come in white or navy and have the OF Circle Teeth logo in the bottom corner and retail for ¥11,238

The second 2 come in turquoise and black and have the Circle Teeth logo embroidered onto the chest and retail for ¥9,524

Via DoubleDutch Store, Nagoya



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