Thursday, July 31, 2008

N*E*R*D and Lupe Fiasco Complex Covers

This month N*E*R*D and Lupe Fiasco will grace the covers of Complex magazine.
Here's a sneak peak...

Kaws makeover to N*E*R*D

OOOooo, siver skytops, I'm intrigued.

The backside of these issues features Cassie, but honestly they are just too scandalous to post up, we might have youngin's on here afterall.
But check all 4 covers and the Lupe layout here


Fuller Midwest

The dudes over at Fuller hit us up recently and were repping the midwest pretty hard, which I admire. After going to Chicago and seeing a lack of fashion conciousness, nevermind a streetwear scene, I was happy to see a brand out of Wisconsin of all places.

You might be saying, another line of sports inspired graphic tees, great. But these guys are comming from nowhere and only charging $18-24 for their shirts, not too bad. So give em a chance and check them out. Even the biggest brands in the world had to start somewhere.


Milwaukee Stand Up!


Monday, July 28, 2008

Ante Up!


BONUS: Peep my baby sis on her gangsta sh*t. Rockin my infamous Crooks fitted.


Thursday, July 24, 2008

Nike SB August Footwear

1st off, sorry for the hiatus, I was enjoying Chi Town and Boston where I did spot some rather nice stores like LDRS, St. Alfred, and Re-Up.

But now the blogging shall commence once again, and we start with Nike SB's August releases.

The Mids look great! Everything else is subtle and nice but nothing to camp out for in my opinion. The Hi's actually look like some regular Dunks if you ask me with the way the toe is done. No word on the inspiration or nicknames that SBs always have but I'm sure they are on the way.

These will hit your local SB accounts through August.


Friday, July 18, 2008

Clipse Present Re-Up Gang - Fast Life Video

I'm still mad at the boys for releasing this OD radio friendly single. I mean...you'd think its probably because the last album didn't sell shit and they need to pay the bills - but what the hell? I thought you guys sell coke all day anyway?

I found it through Complex.


Charles Hamilton Is Out of Control!!

I'm not even going to say anything else...just shuttup, watch, and listen to this maniac. Smh.

-A&R Meez

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Fonsworth Bentley ft. Andre 3000, Kanye West, and Sa-Ra

Perfection. From some of the flyest guys around.

This song and video is just amazing to me. Fonsworth continues to do his thing on the mic after he proved he can spit on that COLOURS track. Andre does Andre again with a nice verse. Then Sa-Ra lays down a great beat and hook.
Oh and Kanye .... he uh ... dances and acts well. Plays the eye candy role you know.


The Clipse Presents: The Re-Up Gang

Errrr, I know we heard the single but damn this kinda came outta nowhere eh?

Still excited none the less.



Monday, July 14, 2008

Obama Action Figure

Jailbreak Toys is releasing the official Obama action figure!

You can cop now here for $12.99 but if you were looking for the white suite you will have to do some more work as it is a 400 run limited edition.
According to ToysrEvil the toy will also be a wide release in a week or two at collector toy stors and Urban Outfitters.

Yes We Can


Sunday, July 13, 2008

CLOT - "BumbaCLOT" Tee

Nothing much to explain here. Japanese brand CLOT is releasing a new tee that shows their love for reggae in 3 colorways.

The online exclusive color is red, and you can go cop here.

Meezy, get on this.


Wednesday, July 09, 2008

My Drive Thru Video

Yep Yep,
It's gonna be your favorite commercial ever. You know why? Because you don't even know its a commercial stupid.

Santogold, Julian Casablancas, and N.E.R.D. Produced by Pharrell

I found it on Fader


New Kid Robot!

Peep these upcoming Kidrobot Releases. Click the pics, they wont take you to our photobucket. I promise.



Spike Lee 59FIFTY New Era Fitted



If its a question of Smash or Pass....not so much my style.


Ghostwrite Mickey Factz Next Hit Song!!!

Okay so maybe he wont let you actually "write" his rhymes for him, but Mickey Factz is up to his 29th Leak, Africa (Feat. D'Angelo), and he told us that he wants Leak #32 to be decided by his fans.

Peep my concepts below.

The concepts:
I think Mickey killed it when he did the “I’m Sean” track; so these are some ideas he could definitely do a great job on.

- Mickey Factz raps about being Obama on Election Day.

- Mickey Factz raps about being Obama on Election Day and asking for the people to come together and vote a million votes

- Mickey Factz raps as a few different kinds of American people who plan to vote for Obama on election day as they explain their reasons why [using the line “We are not the same I am a - black man, white man, farmer, republican!, democrat, single father, rich investor, or whatever etc - Weezyish style. But at the end of the song “we are all the same, we are American” is said and the main reasons we should ALL vote for Obama.

My favorite concept is the Rap as different Americans because it allows more creativity AND with a hot beat, a concept like that might attract more artists to jump on the track and rap as Americans he forgot to mention.

As for the beat I say either:

- Something completely fresh
- Something jazzy like he’s been doing lately
- The “A Milli” beat
- A Precize-ish “A Milli” beat remix (a la the Flashback Mixtape)
- A Precize-ish Jazzy /“A Milli” beat remix

I do think the “A milli” beat or a beat that utilizes it would be madd hot and definitely generate the most buzz, at least initially. However, something fresh or jazzy that’s NOT TOO HIP-HOP would probably ultimately be the best, as it would be more timeless and something everyone, not just Rap fans, can enjoy.

Got a concept you’d like to share? Hit the comments up below or email them to leak32@gfcny.com. Be sure to let ‘um know SwaggerDap sent ya.

Ya dig?

-A&R Meez

Converse Campaign hits NYC

You've probably heard about Converse bringing N*E*R*D, Santogold, and The Strokes together for their new ad campaign. The collaborative song "My Drive Through" came out last month along with the black and white pictures of these artists rocking some Chucks.
Well the campaign has officially hit the streets of NYC.

So be a good hipster and go cop some Converses now, ok?


Tuesday, July 08, 2008

New Kardinal Offishal Feat. Clipse - Set it Off

Out of the underrated Kardinal Offishal, Obie Trice and Pharaoh Monch sound-alike squad, T-Dot's own is probably the most underrated of them all. Probably because we judge Canadians so poorly out here. Regardless, this might change now that he's signed to Akon. Peep this track below and judge for yourself.

I believe he holds it down well as usual. And if my ears aren't deceiving me, both Clipse are present on the track with fresh lyrics...this is not just a remash of old Pusha-T vocals.
Tough track indeed. Download via ZShare


Monday, July 07, 2008

Legal Mickey Factz Music: Via Itunes!

So your scared of downloading all those Mickey Factz songs with all the most likely uncleared samples, eh?


Shiiiit, well that Super Duper Supra Remix is on itunes dude. Stop being such a napsterphobe and go cop! or find it on the leak somewhere and get it for free.


Supra x Nike!! or not


Saw it on Steve-O's Ctothejl blog.


Moar TITS!!

Two In The Shirt, the T-shirt brand your Mom wishes you would stop buying, seems to have released two fresh pears. I spelled that wrong on purpose in hopes that someone will enjoy a double entendre here or there.




One was uber limited and one's available at Karmaloop.
Go head', cop one for you and your little bro and make momma proud.


Access Granted? : LaVie Ny Site Update

It may be too warm out for LaVie Cardigans but that hasn't stopped them from the grind and finally updating their site since we first introduced them.
Only problem is you can't really click on nuthin. =|
At least you get to look at some women rockin their stuff quite right tho, right?


For the Star Wars Addicts!

Addict recently produced a -business as usual- very limited amount of Star Wars Tees in white that are apparently designed by some dude named Mitch.

Peep below.

The tees are available exclusively on their site and their stores in London, Brighton and Southampton.


Santogold - Creator Video

The half Gwen Stefani/No Doubt half Nelly Furtardo half M.I.A. but all Brooklyn, NY Sensation dropped a new video.

Thanks for the headsup Fader


Union Website Relaunched

Union LA finally has their site back up.

Right now they are only offering super exclusive (and super expensive) brands Neighborhood and w)taps which I believe is the only place to cop them online outside of Japan.
Possibly more brands to follow?

check em out at UnionLosAngeles.com


Friday, July 04, 2008

Happy 4th

One of the few July 4th streetwear ideas comes from 10 Deep who are presenting Patriot Murko ... along with a great commercial for him.

Patriot Murko will be released to select retailers this week.
This edition is limited to 200 pieces and comes shipped ready to carpet bomb all of the other toys on the shelf
He stands 5 inches tall, features movable arms, hands, and feet (not to mention a special message on the back of his t-shirt).
Patriot Murko hit shelves beginning Tuesday, July 1st so get out there.

Have a great 4th people. Stay safe and stay fly.


Thursday, July 03, 2008

The Die

I present .... the death ....... of the cool....

So I got to go out on my friends boat today, which was cool right up until the end. But after we got back I was on the dock, on my phone, missed a step, and all of a sudden .....splash

Damn Crooks shirt is blood stained and my whole fit got the salt water treatment, but luckily somehow in the 1/2 second I was airborn I had the sense to toss my phone and LV shades to a dryer place. Whew.
Gunna be sore this weekend fa sure. Scraped up good.

Stay safe people and remember there's a heaven for a G.


Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Bape Summer '08 Releases

Bape's summer products are finally hitting shelves, and as always with the the Japanese line it's a huge hit or miss piece by piece.

Here are just a few pics ...

The patchwork button down is well...scary. Mixing patterns, colors and fabrics, and pockets that just shouldn't be together. It's so ugly that I want it.
The tees look solid as always, classic Bape designs and graphics.
Low top 88s are introduced, which look just as nice as the highs with another nice long tongue.
A surprising collaboration with the MLB and New Era brings some Yankee and Dodger fitteds in full camo colors.
There is a huge Teryaki Boyz collab this season with tees, hats, and the glasses shows, which also come in white.
Oh and lets not forget the Bape water shoes. Gotta stay fly at the beach!

Most of the new stuff released on the 1st in Japan so be on the look out any day now for it to drop in NY, LA, London shops.
To buy or check out even more of the collection check Cliffedge.


Vans - Blackout

I'm not normally a fan of Vans, but the simplicity of these new Sk8 Hi and Chukkas just grabbed me and my love for black based kicks.

Black on black, how sweet and simple. With the classic Vans tag in red.
These will be releasing shortly if not already at select Vans accounts.


The Cool Kids - That's Stupid

The Cool Kids are some damn teases. I said it.
1st the "new album" drops with only a few new tracks and now the That's Stupid mixtape quickly after with only 6 tracks. Guess you gotta take what you can get though.

Mikey and Chuck come nice on this tape over some very old school sounding beats. Yes, the 808s are in full effect.
While they've formed some following over the past couple years The Cool Kids still are just taking it in stride and just love making music. Gotta respect that.
Instead of making some music videos and releasing a half ass album they stay on the road keeping the crowds hype and take their time making some quality music tat brings us back to the 80's.

The Cool Kids - That's Stupid



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