Thursday, September 30, 2010

The Award Tour "Friends and Family" Lookbook

Got a little excited this morning while checking one of my favorite blogs, TheAwardTour.com, as I noticed their new "Friends and Family" collection bunch of tees are about to drop on the 1st, and there is a nicely shot lookbook to get us all in the mood...

Seriously The Award Tour just wins at life. The products, always amazing designs (all impressively hand drawn and screened), and those involved just look like they are having fun. When you have dope product AND a dope lifestyle to sell yourself on, that's a pretty damn good recipe to success. And word to that last tee, "Relax. It's really not that serious. They're just t-shirts". Wish more people in this little industry lived by that credo.

Releasing at 8:30pm on Friday, October 1st, only on the Award Tour shop. And seriously, if you want something act fast. Can almost guarantee everything will be gone come Monday. I'm hoping that all over print tee in the 2nd picture can find it's way to my closet.


Play Cloths x Pro Keds and Mr. Lacy Laces

To be honest Play Cloths has completely underwhelmed me over the past year or so, but for the fist time in a while they are catching some attention with this Pro Keds collaboration...

The classic Pro-Keds "69er" silhouette features a debossed Play Cloths "Keys" monogram, the Play Cloths stripe down the heel, the Jack mascot logo on the side, and comes in a custom red Pro Keds x Play Cloths box. And I just love the classiness of the two color names, "egg nog and caviar" (aka black and beige).

AND coincidentally also dropping today are some laces that ... what's that?! ... happen to match the shoes perfectly!? Joy! Yes, Play Cloths has also gotten together with Mr. Lacy for some laces...

All releasing today, September 12th, through the Play Cloths online shop (where apparently they are giving a 25% off coupon for the next purchase if you buy either of the Keds.


Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Pic of the Day - The Axis


Shawnimals - Undercover Ninja

In a tricky ploy to take down Mr. Demon and his gang, Ol' Master Ninja has devised this Undercover Ninja costume to infiltrate, destroy, and save Ninjatown...

Appears to be a devil, BUT NO, a ninja in disguise! October's Ninja of the month is 7"x7", limited to 100 pieces, and available on the 6th through Shawnimals.


Evisu Submarine Jacket

Yeah I'm in the same boat as you, if it ain't denim from Evisu, I usually don't want to even see it. But upon seeing this new submarine jacket, just released for Fall, brows were raised...

WWII Naval inspired submarine jacked, wax treated and flannel lined for a little more toughness through the winter months. With some raw indigo denim and boots, this would kill.

Available now through question-air.com.


Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Mita x Asics - "Black Panther" Gel Lyte III

Mita and Asics have created a rather sexy pair of black on black Gel Lyte III's, with the moniker "Black Panther"...

A man can never have too much black on black footwear and these are nice enough to add to any collection. Premium leathers and nylons used also, only the best from Mita. Japan (possibly Asia) only release with a date yet to be set.

Mita collab sneakers >>>>


via juksy

Duck Sauce "Barbra Streisand" | Video

Duck Sauce (comprised of DJ A-Trak and Armand Van Helden) has just released a video for their ridiculously catchy and ridiculously random single, "Barbra Streisand". Directed by So Me over the course of a week in NYC, try n see how many cameos you can catch whilst bobbing your head during this video...

Good luck getting that little whistle melody out of your head now.


via seriouswapanese

Good Wood x Ease DaMan - Wooden Bullet Shades

Good Wood NYC and Ease DaMan have gotten together to do a pair of wooden camo shades with a whole line up of bullets running down the sides...

Pretty sure I remember these being called the Full Wooden Jacket frames, but not sure if that's the official name of the project. But Ease will be keeping us updated on the project which should be out soon.

And if you aren't familiar with Ease, he does big things for Mishka, and is also pretty well known for simply being the absolutely outrageous person that he is. But don't let him fool you, dude is damn smart... and pretty entertaining on twitter, @Ease_DaMan.


Monday, September 27, 2010

Supreme x Universal Monsters

Supreme is paying homage to the OG mosters of cinema by throwing The Mummy, The Phantom, and The Creature on a set of respective tee, crew neck, and hoody...

No Dracula? Frankenstein? Wolfman?? Oh well maybe next year. Available in time for Halloween, for sale in-store and online September 30th. Available in Japan on October 2nd.

People need to stop being surprised and confused at these Supreme collabs. It's clear they have no limits.


Pic of the Day - Skittles


Sunday, September 26, 2010

Eats: Hello Kitty Cafe (Seoul)

With so much love for food & restaurants, and always being on the search around the globe for amazing, affordable, and beautiful spots, it's only right that we share these journeys with you in a new segment called 'Eats'.

And for the inaugural Eats post, we're checking out the adorably awesome Hello Kitty Cafe in Seoul...

When you first walk past the Hello Kitty Cafe and catch a glimpse of its overtly pink facade set back from the main street, it's pretty clear that you must head inside and see what this is all about. And so like a moth to a light I was drawn in...

At first I really just wanted to take pictures but as I wandered inside and saw that nothing on the menu was much over a few bucks (₩5,000), I figured why not have a tasty treat. I happened to be craving something sweet, so I ordered a waffle covered in bananas, whipped cream, and chocolate syrup (above), which ran me a mere $2 and change. Having been to some gimmicky places before I expected nothing at all from the food, but to my surprise it was pretty damn good! The waffle was warm and freshly ironed, and each topping and garnish was perfectly placed. And upon looking at a few other items that people got, it was all the same quality. The drinks looked and sounded pretty amazing as well.

As for the interior of the place, in true Hello Kitty fashion the decor is 100% all Hello Kitty everything. Honestly no detail was left without a bow and whiskers, from the couches and tables all the way to the bathroom. Almost impressive how they are able to brand every single thing in the place.

Good atmosphere, good cheap eats. Thumbs up to Hello Kitty Cafe in Hongdae, Seoul.

Hello Kitty Cafe
358-112 Seogyo
Hongdae Neighborhood, Seoul


Saturday, September 25, 2010

Friday, September 24, 2010

N*E*R*D - Nothing | Album Artwork

The album is already a couple weeks late, but we finally get to see the album cover for N*E*R*D's Nothing...

Guess an album cover is one step closer to the album releasing, but I've been waiting on this anxiously since May! Fiend status, being that they claim this could very well be their finest work.


via nahright

Converse Fall 2010 Campaign - "The Procession" | Video

Paying homage to the past, present, and future, Converse has gathered their athletes from all walks for this new commercial, "The Procession", to launch their 2010 campaign...

Dr. J, Jim Jones, God Shamgod, Rune Glifberg, and Doug E Fresh in the same commercial... damn.


Thursday, September 23, 2010

TravelTeq - "Trip" The World's Greatest Carry-On Bag

Already in love with their 1st product, The Trash travel bag, I was really excited to hear about a new project TravelTeq had to create the world's greatest carry-on bag. Sounds like quite a statement to make, but when a bag can also function as a chair, sound system, and charger, all while being able to fit in an overhead compartment, that's a statement you're allowed make.

With a super minimal look, this bag doesn't look like it would have any frills, but as you can see, outside of the main luggage compartment there is another pocket that can fit all of the travel necessities. And by just snapping on the seat top and pulling out the wheels which are supported by aluminum bars, this bag easily turns into a chair. Genius, especially thinking of the tons of train/ subway/ plane terminals and stations that have lines that last forever and no seats to be found. Then there is finally the option to add a sound system (with AC power to charge phones) which is integrated into the bag.

More companies need to invest in amazing industrial designers and realize that you should give people what they don't even realize they need. TravelTeq is doing things right and not letting people settle for what they're used to. Love the inovation and ergonomics of their work.

Shop TravelTeq right through their online shop.

Previously: TravelTeq - "Trash" Leather Travel Bag


Bape x Toys McCoy - Aviator Jacket

Bape has teamed up with Toys McCoy, a Japanese vintage brand, for this WW2 aviator jacket...

Toys McCoy is well known for their top quality reproduction of classic American clothing, so they were clearly an obvious choice for this jacket. The military bomber features a heavy olive canvas shell, thick wool lining with hints of Bape camo, fur collar, and leather patches on the chest that read "Beneath, Escape, Conquest, Battle". Especially considering the quality and subtlety, this would make for a perfect Winter jacket, although it will hurt your wallet.

Available very soon at Bape locations worldwide.


Pic of the Day - Dreamscape


Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Store Profile: Brown Breath (Seoul)

Brown Breath is a relatively new store in Seoul's Hongdae neighborhood, having just opened its doors in April 2010, however the crew behind it has been doing their thing in the art/ fashion scene for years. Now with their own physical location they are able to show off their amazing lines of work as well as a tight collection of complementary brands worked in. And since their motto is "Spread the Message", I had to do just that...

Brown Breath carries their own lines Clothink, Bagfact, Denimedia, and Headoor (I'm sure you can figure out what each line consists of), as well as outside brands Happy Socks, Generic Surplus, and Cheap Monday. Their in-house brands are extremely impressive both on the design and quality side of things, as I was especially drawn to their Bagfact line of backpacks, messengers, and others. You can check out all of their lines right on the Brown Breath online store. And you'll be happy to know that nothing in the store that I saw ran over $100usd, can't scoff at that.

If you're up on reading Korean, you might also want to follow them on Twitter, @brownbreath

Brown Breath (Seoul)
340-13 Seokyo-dong, Mapo-gu
Hongdae Neighborhood

Previously - Store Profile: FuckFake (Seoul)


Monday, September 20, 2010

PIc of the Day - Koguryo (고구려)


Simply Comlicated - Holiday '10

We previewed and gave a little insight to the Holiday '10 stuff from Simply Complicated last month, and now the lookbook is here...

Holiday '10 from SC is set to drop in December, git ready.


Sunday, September 19, 2010

Pic of the Day - Mode Creation Munich


Store Profile: FuckFake (Seoul)

In a city that is just starting to make moves in the street fashion scene it can be very difficult to find the most sought after items and brands, which in turn leads to replica knock offs being ignorantly bought and sold off of the street. FuckFake is a store that... well, basically says "Fuck that!", and brings authentic goods from overseas brands to those who really know what's what.

(they didn't want picture taking inside due to some work, but the front sign-age is pretty epic)

FuckFake carries a rather broad range of apparel, footwear and accessories, with some of the more prevalent brands in the store being Supreme, WeSC, Nike, Stussy, Raf Simons, Marc Jacobs, Obey, and their very own lines Rayogram (tees) and Saga (bags). And most surprisingly of all, the stuff is all really fairly priced for a reseller spot.

Stores like this might be a dime a dozen in places like Tokyo, but in Seoul it's really next to impossible to find some of these brands. So I definitely suggest checking it out.

FuckFake (Seoul)
358-112 Seogyo (top of the small hill, 3rd Floor)


Nike Zvezdochka LAF (21 Mercer Exclusive)

21 Mercer gave word that Nike is coming out with two new colorways of their very eccentric Zvezdochka LAF model that will be exclisive to the downtown NYC location...

Neutral Grey/ Mahogany & Neutral Grey / Aegean Blue

Usually shoes this out-there are right up my alley but I can't say that I would use these for much more than a conversation piece. Too reminiscent of Crocs maybe? Although surely more comfortable with that built in sock lining. I actually always thought the Zvezdochka LAF was a special biking shoe since I've only ever seen the Livestrong ones from last year, but with this release at 21 Mercer I'm not too positive anymore.

Just released at 21 Mercer.


Saturday, September 18, 2010

PIc of the Day - Pilot Talk


Stussy Wowsan Chapter (Seoul) Preview

After the success of their 1st store in South Korea that opened just two years ago, Stussy was apparently gung-ho to open a second location in the trendy Hongdae neighborhood of Seoul...

(photo credit: SwaggerDap)

It holds a nice corner, pretty much right across the street from Nike Sportswear and Kasina. That Hongdae neighborhood is slowly turning into a Shibuya-esque area, as it's based around Hongik University and full of trendy college kids. Streetwear in Seoul lives!

They were just putting the finishing touches on the interior of the store when I took these pictures, as it is set to open today (September 18th).

Stussy, Wowsan 112
Hongdae (Hongik University)
Seoul, South Korea



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