Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Store Profile: Brown Breath (Seoul)

Brown Breath is a relatively new store in Seoul's Hongdae neighborhood, having just opened its doors in April 2010, however the crew behind it has been doing their thing in the art/ fashion scene for years. Now with their own physical location they are able to show off their amazing lines of work as well as a tight collection of complementary brands worked in. And since their motto is "Spread the Message", I had to do just that...

Brown Breath carries their own lines Clothink, Bagfact, Denimedia, and Headoor (I'm sure you can figure out what each line consists of), as well as outside brands Happy Socks, Generic Surplus, and Cheap Monday. Their in-house brands are extremely impressive both on the design and quality side of things, as I was especially drawn to their Bagfact line of backpacks, messengers, and others. You can check out all of their lines right on the Brown Breath online store. And you'll be happy to know that nothing in the store that I saw ran over $100usd, can't scoff at that.

If you're up on reading Korean, you might also want to follow them on Twitter, @brownbreath

Brown Breath (Seoul)
340-13 Seokyo-dong, Mapo-gu
Hongdae Neighborhood

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