Friday, April 30, 2010

Bapy (reprise) 2010 Released

A few months back we showed you some previews of the 2010 Bapy (reprise) collection, which has just released exclusively through ZOZO.

Bapy really only has a big market in Japan, so makes sense that the collection will only be available online for the time being. Hope to see them make a comeback though, the old Bapy store in Aoyama was dope.


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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Pic of the Day - Blown Away


"Space Monkey" | Video

Another spellbinding short film/ music video. This one for WWF...


"Created as a collaboration between World Wildlife Fund (WWF), Ben Lee and Leo Burnett, 'Space Monkey' carries a message about our planet, and features Ben Lee's track, 'Song for the Divine Mother of the Universe'."

Pretty deep.
Inspired by the numerous monkeys launched into space in the 60s, this is really interesting "what if" scenario. Very well executed.


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MIA - Born Free | Video

Most likely the lead single off of MIA's new project due out this Summer. This video is basically a short film; the song is dope and the video is WILD...

... yea. just ... yea. damn.

Directed by Romain Gavras, who also did the video for Justice's Stress, which was shot in a somewhat similar style.


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Monday, April 26, 2010

Original Fake Golden Week Exclusive Collaborations

Yesterday I posted the exclusive news about the Golden Week NBHD x OF collab.

Well, it turns out that there are actually several collabs going ahead during that period to celebrate Original Fake's 4th anniversary.

Along with the NBHD one there is also a Bape and an Undercover collaboration.

Check out the pics


All Ts will be released on the 3rd May at their respective brand stores.


Sunday, April 25, 2010

Neighborhood x Original Fake Golden Week Exclusive T-shirt


I got a chance to have a look at the new NBHD x Original Fake Golden Week exclusive t-shirt this week.

Unfortunately I was not able to take pictures but can tell you that there are 2 designs. The first has neighborhood written across the chest with a Kaws "bendy" design wrapped around it. The T will be available in black with the bendy in lime green and white with the bendy in pink. The second design sports NHOF lettering set in a Kaws design.

Due for release on the 3rd May which is during Golden Week here in Japan. Golden Week is one of the busiest periods in Japan, with most Japanese people going on vacation during this time. There are also lots of sales.

Hopefully I will be picking up one of the Ts on launch so will have pics then.

Thanks to Kawashima-san of DoubleDutch for help with the information.


Friday, April 23, 2010

Yours Truly - s/s '10 "Lifestyles of Yours Truly" LookBook

I recently got together with Brooklyn based Yours Truly to shoot their Summer 2010 lookbook. The season is entitled "Lifestyles of Yours Truly", and here's a look into the line...

(Shot throughout Brooklyn, the model is @pealnana.)

The line perfect for the summer, bringing in new t-shirt dresses, tank dresses, a light hoody with removable sleeves, and, well... watermelon! And as a bonus the entire line is made from 100% Organic Pima Cotton from Peru for all you hipster tree huggers out there.

The entire collection will be available mid-may through the YoursTrulyBrand website and in YT accounts worldwide.


Thursday, April 22, 2010

Christian Louboutin a/w 2010 Campaign by Khuong Nguyen

Always coming with over the top promo campaigns, 2010 is no different for Christian Louboutin as they team up with Khuong Nguyen for this fairytale inspired a/w 2010 set...


"Alice in Wonderland"

"The Little Mermaid"


"The Little Thumb"

"The Steadfast Tin Soldier"

"Seven League Boots"

"The Seven Dwarfs"

"Snow Queen"

Absolutely amazing. I think Louboutin might be the only brand of shoes that could actually still stand out in a campaign like this!

Check Khuong's site for more amazing work.


Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Neighborhood Web Exclusive T-shirt

The latest Web Exclusive item has been announced by NBHD today.


The t-shirt sports the "Support Neighborhood" logo on the front and a woman spreading here legs on the back with the slogan "Put something exciting between your legs". The print comes as a distressed effect in orange or white.

Both colours will be released on the 23rd April and will cost ¥6,300. It is only available to Japanese residents via their web store.


Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Solidarités Water Installation in Paris

To raise some awareness for last month's World Water Day, French organization Solidarites put on an head turning water display in the center of Paris...

Produced by Cosa
Filmed by Les J&J
Water Installation by Aquascript

Sometimes art really is the best way to make a change. With so much advertising in our faces everyday, if you can do something special that people actually WANT to see, you win.


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Thursday, April 15, 2010

Pic of the Day - River Runs Deep


The Nike Music Shoe | Video

To promote the great combination of Nike Free and Nike+ technologies, Nike has gotten together with Japanese break beat masters, HIFANA for a great commercial that will just tickle your ear drums...

I love the advisory at the end of the video that "Shoes sold at retail will NOT make music when bent or twisted".


Nike Free is an amazingly comfortable technology used in some Nike Running soles that allows for complete movement in all directions of the foot (as you saw in the video). In being far more flexible, Free technology is meant to train your foot to move more like you are running barefoot. Barefoot running is the most efficient way we can run (not a coincidence that runners from places like Kenya win marathons) but the average foot is so used to having sneakers protect it that if we just started running barefoot we would tear muscles and really mess up our feet. Nike Free is the solution to this. Work your way from a 7.0 to a 3.0 and you'll be barefoot in no time.

Nike+ (plus) is a technology for runners to connect their shoes to their iPod/ iPhone or a wristband to track their running stats. You just upload your info to a computer after a run and you can see times, distances, and calories, as well as a progress report and people to challenge in Nike+ communities. Basically "the worlds biggest run club". Pretty cool stuff.

Together these technologies basically create the ideal and most advanced run shoe out.

PREVIOUSLY: The Secret Behind Nike Air


Supreme Book

Supreme will be releasing a written and pictorial anthology of its sixteen year history later this month...

Published by Rizzoli, who has also published books for Bape and Kaws, the book includes an introduction by Glenn O'Brien, an essay by Aaron Bondaroff and an interview between Kaws and James Jebbia. Like the Bape book, it will chronicle the amazing collaborations from Supreme, like those with Jeff Koons, Richard Prince, Damien Hirst, Public Enemy and Lou Reed, and MANY others. The book also includes a product index from Supreme's archive.

The 304 page hardcover book will be available as a special edition (w/ bonus content and box logo slide cover) IN STORE ONLY on April 20th (US, Japan, Online). A general release edition will be available April 27th at Amazon.com and select book stores.

Supreme is one of the few brands past Bape that I would LOVE to see a book from. The history of work and collaborations is just unprecedented. To get you hyped for the book, take a look at a 10 year history of Supreme Decks, as well as this amazing Supreme sticker collection.


Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Wiz Khalifa - Kush & OJ (Mixtape)

If you are already a Wiz Khalifa fan, I'm sure you were feining for this tape at exactly 11:30am this morning when it dropped. BUT for the readers who haven't heard much from Wiz, or haven't heard of him at all... I present to you the much anticipated Kush & OJ...

DOWNLOAD: Wiz Khalifa - Kush & OJ

Only one play through but this album is very laid back and the beats alone just make you want to... well as Meezy put it "grown, sexy, and classy vibe. Like suits, cigars, and boats". So there you go, suits, cigars, and boats... and maybe private jets. A nice listen indeed.

And impressively #kushandorangejuice has been a top trending topic on twitter all day! Part impressive because of the mixtape buzz and part impressive that people typed that entire thing out over and over.

PREVIOUSLY: Curren$y & Wiz Khalifa - How Fly


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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Pic of the Day - Hang Time


Terry Richardson studio shots with Lupe and Pharrell

Not much to report here, pictures are worth a thousand words....

Lupe and Pharrell

Terry and Pharrell

Lupe and Terry

Terry, Lupe, and Pharell

Make sure you check Terry's Diary for a daily dose of his craziness as well as the frequent random celebrity visit to his studio.


Juice Taipei Opening Items & Party

After successful launches in Shanghai and Kuala Lumpur, Kevin Poon and Edison Chen are taking CLOT and the Juice store to Taipei, Taiwan. Set to open this Friday April 16th, the store will feature a lineup of exclusive items for Taipei...

As you can see, there will be a launch party at the store and then (most likely an even crazier) after party at Luxy. The whole CLOT/ Juice family will be there.

While there is good shopping all over Asia, it's great to see a store like Juice be able to open international doors. And with the tight distribution of CLOT, it is a slow expansion of the brand that could lead to long time sustainability. And they seem to be smart about it by opening pop-up shops in each city before an official flagship store. Thumbs up to their business/ marketing team.


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