Friday, October 31, 2008

Joshua Hoffine - Horror Photography

In the spirit of Halloween lets look at some of the eerily realistic horror photography from Joshua Hoffine.

Creepy stuff, eh?

Hoffine says that he treats his shoots like a movie scene, with tons of makeup, elaborate props, fog and lighting to help create the dark and evil scenes he strives for. Impressively he only uses photoshop for fine tunes right before printing.

Check more of his work here and be sure to check his blog as well to see other works that he does for music, movie, and magazines.


via Joshua Hoffine, Kanye

Happy Halloween from SwaggerDap

I have plenty of pics to post from the Clot x Original Fake drop at Juice HK, but that I'll save for tomorrow. For now I'll just leave you with a Happy Halloween from the emo kids at SwaggerDap.

Come through ...

or don't .... i mean whatever ..... no one cares about us anyways, why should you...


True New Eras - City Series

True SF is comming out with a new set of New Era fitted labeled the City Series, for the Golden State of course.

"3 for The City"
San Francisco Bay Area based True releases this three pack of New Era
59fifties in honor of their hometown team, the Golden State Warriors.
This collection drops on Oct 29th, the same day as the Warriors home
opener. Available at True, True East & online at trueclothing.net


via Ivan at True

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Ato Matsumoto Snow Boots

After the great reception of his last cowhide boot/ sneaker Ato Matsumoto now shows some high winter boots that are sure to also turn a few heads.

While they definitely aren't your everyday boot, they do look like they could withstand a Syracuse winter with no problem. On top of looking pretty comfortable and warm, they also have a lot of character in the zipper down side, puffed out tongue, and velcro straps across the top.

Not sure if I could pull these off but I'd love to try. Unfortunately they're running for about $630US so I'll probably never get the chance.

Check for them now at Rowage


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Monday, October 27, 2008

Clot x Original Fake Tee

After a few weeks of teaser pics we finally get look at the highly anticipated Clot x Original Fake tee.

This uber limited tee comes in 4 colorways with the front and back graphic shown.

The random bits of non credible information that I have are that it will be released at Juice HK and The Original Fake Store Tokyo exclusively. The Juice release being this Friday.
I'll update with any more information I get, and will pics from the HK drop.


Sunday, October 26, 2008

Hong Kong Releases - Silver & Gold Bape 88s

After dropping in Japan and then NY, the Silver and Gold Bape 88s released this Sunday in Hong Kong.
I got there around 8am...

I was lucky number 13...

Almost didn't get my size but someone was nice enough to trade numbers with me so I got the Siver Hi's as planned.

After waiting in line we all were brought into the store, which was completely empty, every sneaker off the shelves and all clothes off the racks. The only product visible was the 4 sneakers released which were displayed in the front of the store as almost a prize when you walked in. It took a little while of people trying sizes on and a scare when someone stole my 11 but all was good, a very smooth release.
The people waiting and the staff were both the nicest out of any drop I've been to, especially compared to certain NYC shops that will not be mentioned.


Friday, October 24, 2008

I.T. Hong Kong - 20th Anniversary Pop-Up Store

The fashion kingpin of Hong Kong, I.T., is celebrating their 20th anniversary this week with a collection of collaboration items to a scale we have never seen before.
Here are some quick pics from the opening day

There were crossover shirts and items done with the likes of Neighborhood, A Bathing Ape, W)Taps, Sophnet., and many more local brands.
The begining of the event was for VIP IT Visa card holders only, so the most hyped and sought after Neighborhood and Bape shirts sold out before the general public even had a chance.

The event will last through the weekend and it's definitely worth checking out, very nice pop-up store located right in Times Square, Causeway Bay.


pics via my iphone

Kiroic Footwear a/w 2008

We rarely see brands coming out of mainland China as the fashion and art scene is generally relatively quite. So I was pretty shocked when I learned that new footwear brand Kiroic is based in Shanghai.
Here's a look at some of their avant garde designs...

They obviously arent your everyday shoes but the designs are pretty crazy, I'd love to see how people are going to pull these off.

Not much info on prices, carriers, or release dates but we are going to keep watching the website for more updates.


via hypebeast

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

James Cauty - Splatter Exhibition

UK artist James Cauty uses his new exhibit to graphically show us what it would have looked like if the cartoons we watched growing up actually took place.

His demented views come out really well as he keeps the element of cartoon in tact while still making his point.

The works can be seen at The Aquarium in London


via highsnobiety

Monday, October 20, 2008

A Bathing Ape Gold and Silver Metalic 88's

After the craze over silver and gold Bapestas and Roadstas this spring Nigo wasted no time on getting out some silver and gold 88's.

These allegedly dropped over this past weekend in Japan and are supposedly set to release in the 1st week of November in the NY and HK.

Very limited so be ready to camp some for these. But if you miss them the 88 lows are going to be out by the end of the year also.


pics via freshrus

Murakami and Fujiwara - Hi & Lo

Two of the most influential and innovative people in Japanese art, fashion, and culture are coming together to create a pack of crossover items. Takashi Murakami and Hiroshi Fujuwara present Hi & Lo

They really went all out on this one in the terms of quality, reaching out to the top people for each piece. Levi's Fenom jeans, Visvim sneakers, Kangol hat, and Head Porter bag. Each with their own subtle designs and signatures by the artist.

According to F.I.L. there's still no word on a release but it should be relatively soon so keep checking in.


Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Kaws/ Original Fake Air Max Releases

Nike will be soon releasing 2 pairs of Air Max's in a very limited fashion that were inspired and designed by street artist Kaws.

These both have some serious sex appeal to me. The neon green is an amazing accent on each shoe as it's used a little differently on each. The Kaws XX has it's place subtly in a few spots as well.

The Black Air Max 90 Current (still dont get why they didnt just rename this meshtoe or something) and the White Classic Air Max 90 are set to release on October 18th at only 2 retailers: Nike Sportswear at 21 Mercer NYC, and Nike Sportswear at The Montalbán LA.
Damn is right... especially when you're all the way in Hong Kong.



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