Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Paper Kicks

Here's some creative talent that i've been meaning to post for a minute now.

Paper Kicks.

The 1st time I saw these I definitely did a double take before I realized what was going on. For how small they actually are the craftmanship is pretty impressive.
Made by Phillipino on ISS forums, who is a junior in HS and although he hasn't yet, may eventually decide to sell these because of all the requests. Can't lie, I'd pay for a pair of these.

Gotta love when people use their creativity to make ill stuff like this.


Friday, April 25, 2008

The Fake Bape & J's BBQ

We've all made the mistake of buying that hoody or those kicks for $60 on ebay only to find out that they most likely came from Canal St. Well last night Meezy's Fape and Nillz' fake VIIs met the BBQ.

RIP to the Fape Animal Kingdon and the Lemon Lime VIIs

Just Say No to Fakes Kids!


Thursday, April 24, 2008

Bape La - Grand Opening Party

So after years of speculation and rumors of the whole project being scrapped, the Bape store in LA has finally opened its doors.

Biggest pair of jeans i've ever seen.
Nigo with Iron Mike
Johnny Cupcakes & Lupe

Nigo with Takashi Murakami
Kaws with Pharrell

Lots of celebs came out for the event, and the store looks really nice (even though im sure it's a lot smaller in person than the pictures make it look. thats how all Bape stores seem).

If you're in LA be sure to check it out.

Bape LA
8001 Melrose Ave
Los Angeles, CA 90046


Kris Van Assche Sneakers s/s 2008

Along with turning Dior Homme around over the past year, Kris Van Assche has also made some impressive peices through his own line. Here we see some amazing hi tops from his s/s 2008 collection.

The design on these is subtle but crazy. Along with the nice metalic and patent leathers used, the lacing on these is rediculous.

They'll undoubtedly have a crazy price tag on em but check for these this summer.


Tuesday, April 22, 2008

A SwaggerDap Long Weekend

So this weekend we weren't able to capture the 25 grand that we were competing for, but we did damn good, impressed a lot of people, made some nice connections, and acted recklessly.

The first of many SwaggerDap tees was printed for the occasion.
The crew came through to show support.
heat on the feet! Puma Spys, DMPs, and Bape 88s!! ... that's a shoe circle not to messed with

Meezy with the Brand-Yourself crew

then Meezy on top of my car for some reasons. But ill pics came out of it so it's cool.

Then the BBQing began

now we just gotta hope that we don't make a mill this year so we can come back and take that competition next year! You call it cocky, we call it swagger.

Overall, good times, and regardless of the financials SwaggerDap.com is still a movement. So watch for us, and Come Through ...


Reebok Pay-Dirt Pumps

This is just from the rumor mill, but there may be an august retro of the Reebok Pump Pay-Dirt trainers. These were repped by the likes of Emmit Smith and Frank Thomas in their heyday. Circa 1992

Throw some white laces in there and these kill it.


SwaggerDap x Naketano

So we finally drew the winners of the Naketano giveaway last night.

and the winners are .........

Congrats ladies!

Keep it locked to SwaggerDap and hopefully we'll have more giveaways like this in the near future.


Monday, April 21, 2008

Duane NY Summer Preview

So Sal isn't ready to show the world Duane's Summer line yet but of course Syracuse University got a preview at the fashion show and he's put pics up on the Duane Blog.

Lookbook should be out soon. Spring line will be available at Atmos, Blue & Cream, and Premium Goods.

Stay tuned.


Sunday, April 20, 2008

Introducing LaVie Clothing Co.

Yessir! There was a student run Fashion show up here in 'Cuse last week and LaVie Clothing Co.(Don't judge um by the site, its under construction!!), Mighty Healthy, Coogi, many more, and of course Duane NY came through. Shouts to Fausto, Chris and Sence from LaVie!
Tough Brand. Cool dudes. How can they fail?
Peep Below.

Trey Songz stuntin in a Lavie Crewneck. Chris on his right; Sence on his left.



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