Monday, March 31, 2008

Nike SB Dunk Low - Michelangelo

Pictures have started circulated of a Nike SB Dunk Low named the Michelangelo.

They looks really nice, a little more accurate to the TMNT colors than the Donatello mids, and the speckled mid sole is a really nice touch.
I thought they look a little more like Raphael to me, so i did a little photoshopping to make the red more orange.

Maybe that's more what the final products will look like if they do end up releasing.


The Sneaker Bike

Ever take look at your kicks, can't decide which pair to wear, and just wish that you could rock em all? Well designer Max Knight might have a very impractical solution for you....

Cool design obviously not for use, even though it was tested ...


Sunday, March 30, 2008

Ato Matsumoto - Cowhide Sneakers

After creating what was probably the most illusive sneaker of 2007, only being released in very small amounts through Japan, Ato Matsumoto is back in 2008 with more of his Cowhide Boot sneaker.
We see black and white again, and instead of red this year it's silver.

Yea, these are amazing.
The patent & premium leather combo looks great with the solid "colors" used.

You can try and buy through zozo on april 4th but be quick and be ready to spend ALOT. They retailed for $400 last year.


Saturday, March 29, 2008

A Bathing Ape Slippers

Remember those awesome huge puffy sneaker slippers you had as a kid? Well now Bape has come out with a pair, so you can be a hypebeast in your jammies too!

Sure $100 for some slippers is absurd, but you can't deny the appeal of these. You can go cop through cliffedge

As soon as they have some Bape footsie PJs, I'm all over it!


Friday, March 28, 2008

10 Deep - Spring '08 Outterwear

10 Deep has just shipped out their selection of outer wear for the Spring '08 season. Complete with sweaters, jeans, m-65, a tactical jacket, some hoodies, and a nice baseball jacket.
Here are some pics of the collection....

Everything looks really clean and casual with the bold solid colors in the stripes and checkers that seem to be the underlying theme. Even the jeans appear to have a vertical stripe effect of some sort, interesting to see that in person.

All set to hit 10 Deep accounts this week, and be on the lookout for the part 2 of the 10 Deep look book on April 7th.


Thursday, March 27, 2008

Sneaker Lighting

NO this post isn't about some new LA Gears (unfortunately) actually I'm talking about lighting for your house.

Designers Peter Pracilio and Oscar Lopez actually have designed some fixtures for the household that sneaker heads will love.

This prototype uses Chucks that are thrown over a "power line" (which actually does provide power for the light). Apparently there will be table-top and chandelier design in the future as well.

I can't find them for sale yet but I'm in love with this concept, especially the whole power line idea, genius.


via designGO

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Futura Laboratories x Descente Jackets

Here we see some new work from Futura Laboratories as a collab with Japanese performance label Descente for a line of jackets.

Everything from winter jackets

light wieghts

and even windbreakers

The lighter jackets feature artwork from Futura while the down jackets feature it as an inner lining.

All nice (and most likely pricey) but that white jacket especially has my eye. Definitely wish these came out in the fall rather than the spring.

Available April 9th on Stless


Mimobot x Tokidoki

For anyone who is into fly USB drives like we are, here are some new designs from Mimobot as they team up with Tokidoki.

For anyone who hasnt heard of Mimobots, go checkout their site (mimoco.com)and see all of their designs. Besides the detail and packaging, the people are great over there, really helpful


Lupe Fiasco x Converse - Product (Red)

Lupe Fiasco has been seen rocking a new pair of Converse (Red) Chucks lately, and now some HQ pics of the fully patent leather kicks have surfaced.

Then a quick shot of them being worn by Lupe at a recent Converse x Dr. Romanelli (Red) event.

These are not being made available to the public, so if you just fell in love, good luck to you.


Tuesday, March 25, 2008

NYC, "Yeeaaaaaaahhhhhh"

Headed home again for Easter this past weekend, and hit the city once again to take care of some business.

Right off of the subway I ran into this little number. Dave's Quality Meats - Supreme beef??

Yes, it says "Kermit Suck (drawing of falace)" with a DQM sticker over the Supreme logo. Bad business man.

Anyways, Flight Club was next up. "God's Favorite Sneaker Store"

and remember those Puma Spys that i put up on FC last week? Well turns out Young Jeezy copped em! No joke!

Then after a SoHo trip it was back home...

Copped some stuff for friends upon request

...and something for myself

Told you I'd cop that Stussy tee! Oh, and FINALLY found a SpongeBob x Milo tee in my size, which made my day.

Then on my way back to school i realized that I matched my luggage. I couldn't be this fly if I tried, it's just natural i suppose.

Now it'll prolly be another 4-5 weeks before I get back to the city unfortunately :(


Monday, March 24, 2008

Robin Eley - Illustrator

Robin Eley is an Australian artist who amongst other things has a collection of hip hop inspired realist illustrations. Most of his work is very conceptual to keep you thinking.

"The Inspiration" ....yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhh

"One Man Band" ... Swizzy!

"Adrenaline Rush" - Twista

"Rich Boy"

and i just thought that this was was crazy, titled "Hip Hop Clown"

You can catch Robin's work in various issues of The Wall Street Journal, Vibe, and many other outlets.
Or peep his catalogue on his site
As well as an interview with Format here


Dunk Wars - Battle 3

So in an unfortunate series of events, the OG Dunk, represented by Syracuse lost in Dunk Wars battle #2 to the Georgetown Vandal. That's right, a filthy Vandal won in DUNK Wars, go figure.

But onto battle number 3 where the Haze Dunk Hi goes up against the Futura 50 Dunk Hi.

Both are strong shoes but the official SwaggerDap vote goes to the Haze.
Results for this battle will announced on the 28th and then the final battle will start where the DeLa Hi's will show everyone what they're made of.


Sunday, March 23, 2008

Easter x SwaggerDap

Happy Easter, from the SwaggerDap family to you and yours


Saturday, March 22, 2008

Nike SB Dunk Low - Lobster

Pics of a new Nike SB Dunk Low just came out of nowhere, they're being called the "Lobster" for obvious reasons.

Texture looks like a lobster shell, especially on the toe; then the white meat tongue and laces, with the place mat insole and inner lining. Nicely done.

No release info on these but I'd imagine they'll be a premium release...maybe this summer? in time for lobster cookouts?



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