Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Mike23 - RIP?

Mike23 has recently been ordered to Cease and Desist by Nike. If you aren't familiar with the brand, they took the most iconic Jordan designs and patterns and basically make every article of clothing and accessory that you wish Nike had released.

Since all of MIKE23's goods we're blatantly using trademarks it is odd that Nike let them get this far. However I would argue that MIKE23 inspired many products that Nike has recently released (over the past few years the cement/elephant print has been put on wallets, belts, and hats. which had not been done before by them).

Cease and desists are a huge risk in the streetwear game with so many parodies or logos that surface every year. However they normally just stop the production & sales of one shirt or design, while with MIKE23 they basically shut down the whole line.

Crooks, watch out. Versace's comming!


full story here

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  1. Donatella can suck a fat one. Can't Stop The Crooks



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