Thursday, June 30, 2011

Adidas Originals Stan Smith II - Grey Jersey

Honestly Adidas rarely does it for me, but on there are surely those occasions where they can impress, such as with these Stan Smith II's that are done in a simple grey jersey material along with just the perfect amount of blue to accent it all...

(So curious if that denim on the back is treated so it wont bleed)

No doubt these are simple, clean, and have an interesting enough material to turn a few heads (even though you might have to be sure to carry around some Tide-to-go when you rock them). However I think a small part of me just likes them so much cause they remind me of the impossible to get pair of colette x Reebok Pumps, which I lusted after pretty hard.

Either way they will be hitting Adidas Originals accounts soon, and for a pretty modest price too, so might be worth checking out.


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Visvim Skagway Hi - Denim/Leopard

Visvim has absolutely mastered producing simplistic items that are only embellished by fine details and even finer materials. Case & point, this initially simple looking pair of Skagways that uses small hints of leopard printed suede on the premium denim upper (so dope how they even used the selvedge line)...

Making something so drab yet still so clean is a damn art. These are beautiful.

Check your local Visvim account shortly... that is if you have a local Visvim account I guess.


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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Uniqlo x Jil Sander +J Line Comes to an End

After 2 years total, the collaboration line between Uniqlo and Jil Sander will be coming to an end, as Uniqlo has just announced that the Fall 2011 +J collection will be the very last.

From my first hand experience with the company it seems that the line still did relatively well in America however may have tried to expand a little too aggressively since +J isn't as popular with the Japanese customers. However the line that has been widely acclaimed will definitely be missed in the NYC stores next year but I'm sure will leave room for much more collaborations and options from the company, so don't worry!

And as for this final collection, I definitely suggest checking it out since it'll be the last chance. The cuts, quality and minimalist style are damn good for the prices and it's a pretty good way to get the grown designer look for the low (I guess I'm mostly speaking on the men's line since it's what I've tried on and bought).

Now to just wait and see what Uniqlo has to roll out with next...


Monday, June 20, 2011

Bape Baby Milo Independence Day

Bape is actually doing a rare USA exclusive tee for Independence Day, as you can see Baby Milo gets his Uncle Sam on...

Available at BAPE NEW YORK on Saturday, June 25th and US.BAPE.COM at noon on Wednesday, June 22nd. Show your true colors.



Sunday, June 19, 2011

Adventures in Japan: Kyoto Retreats

As you may or may not be aware, I've recently moved to Osaka, Japan, where I'll be working for the next few months before I move back to NYC to take over the world (so sorry, it has definitely left me little time to post on here). But now that I've been here over a month and settled, I'm making it a mission to post more often and more importantly take more pictures to share. I'll start it off with my recent trip to Kyoto, which unfortunately didn't involve much fashion but it was damn beautiful and I think I got some shots that portray the place and the people well...

Pretty much ever city is built around some sort of water and this portion of Kyoto is especially nice since you can actually go down in the river banks n chill, fish, or find an expensive restaurant to enjoy the view.

It's still eye catching to me, but kimonos are a completely normal part of life here... which is probably why it's odd to them that I'm trying to take pictures all the time.

Especially coming from NYC, its unreal how nice everyone is out here. There's no such thing as "don't talk to strangers", because there's no need! We've even befriended some school kids that commute on the train by themselves at the age of like 7. School kids are especially friendly cause they love speaking the little English that they know.

Can't even describe the randomness of "Mushroom: Pretty Space & Bar"

Delectable hot pot

Especially in the southern part of Japan, takoyaki is super popular, especially as a late night snack with beer

This dude was the man. He felt bad that he couldn't let us in a temple since it was just after 5pm... so he gave us free canned coffee and a great broken English conversation.

Stumbled into some sort of street festival, no clue for what but everyone was decked out, even these little girls in kimonos and dudes marching down the street in some ceremonial fashion...

And you can't escape these people in anime costumes promoting god knows what... but people never get tired of it.

Let me know if there's anything you'd like to see of know more of or what direction you'd like to see these Adventures posts go in. I generally just snap what I find visually cool, but I'm down to hunt down things for you guys (food, fashion, street snaps, signs, whatever tickles your pickle).

Sayonara for now.


Thursday, June 16, 2011

SebastiAn - Embody | Music Video

SebastiAn is a new artist on Ed Banger Records who just released his debut album, Total, a few weeks ago and is turning some heads in the electronic music front. This video is actually far from new, my boy David put me onto it months ago, but it wasn't until I heard his album that I was totally sold on SebastiAn. So I suggest a peep of the video, and even if you can't get down with the catchy-ass beat, the video is pretty entertaining itself...

The album stays along the same pace of this song, and I guess my best description is that his stuff sounds like a happier and less intense version of Justice but with the same overall sound as his label mates. There's also features from Mayer Hawthorne, MIA and Justice which are all dope tracks.

And lemme know if a black kid with awesome dance moves shows up when you play this video, cause no such luck here... maybe my speakers aren't good enough though.


Thursday, June 02, 2011

Uniform Experiment x Gallery195 Floor Mat

Something about the Uniform Experiment color block always does it for me, especially when it is used on the fine details of their clothes. However here we get to see it alone in all it's glory on a humble floor mat...

UE teamed up with Tokyo's Gallery1950 (same people who did the supreme Fuck 'Em rugs) to make these, but no word yet if they'll be available at UE accounts or just the Gallery1950 store in Tokyo.

...and yes, the first post I've made in about 3 weeks of being in Japan is about a rug. What a let down. But I'll be back with more content soon, sit tight.


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