Sunday, June 19, 2011

Adventures in Japan: Kyoto Retreats

As you may or may not be aware, I've recently moved to Osaka, Japan, where I'll be working for the next few months before I move back to NYC to take over the world (so sorry, it has definitely left me little time to post on here). But now that I've been here over a month and settled, I'm making it a mission to post more often and more importantly take more pictures to share. I'll start it off with my recent trip to Kyoto, which unfortunately didn't involve much fashion but it was damn beautiful and I think I got some shots that portray the place and the people well...

Pretty much ever city is built around some sort of water and this portion of Kyoto is especially nice since you can actually go down in the river banks n chill, fish, or find an expensive restaurant to enjoy the view.

It's still eye catching to me, but kimonos are a completely normal part of life here... which is probably why it's odd to them that I'm trying to take pictures all the time.

Especially coming from NYC, its unreal how nice everyone is out here. There's no such thing as "don't talk to strangers", because there's no need! We've even befriended some school kids that commute on the train by themselves at the age of like 7. School kids are especially friendly cause they love speaking the little English that they know.

Can't even describe the randomness of "Mushroom: Pretty Space & Bar"

Delectable hot pot

Especially in the southern part of Japan, takoyaki is super popular, especially as a late night snack with beer

This dude was the man. He felt bad that he couldn't let us in a temple since it was just after 5pm... so he gave us free canned coffee and a great broken English conversation.

Stumbled into some sort of street festival, no clue for what but everyone was decked out, even these little girls in kimonos and dudes marching down the street in some ceremonial fashion...

And you can't escape these people in anime costumes promoting god knows what... but people never get tired of it.

Let me know if there's anything you'd like to see of know more of or what direction you'd like to see these Adventures posts go in. I generally just snap what I find visually cool, but I'm down to hunt down things for you guys (food, fashion, street snaps, signs, whatever tickles your pickle).

Sayonara for now.


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