Thursday, May 27, 2010

Pic of the Day - Greater Bridgeport


NinjaSonik - Bars | Video

The crazy Brooklyn trio that is NinjaSonik have just released a video for their latest song "Bars"...

Yeah, you just gotta party with these guys...


via Hypetrak

Monday, May 24, 2010

Pic of the Day - Afro Samurai


Yours Truly Summer '10 Launch Party | 5/26

Remember the lookbook I shot not to long ago for Yours Truly? Well that Summer '10 line is finally set to release and of course there will be some festivities for the occasion...

So the party will be held this Wednesday (May 26th) at Foundation (137 Essex St) in LES. Melo X will be handing the music, and make sure you get there early for some free Absolut drinks from 7-9pm!

Please just email rsvp@yourstrulybrand.com if you are planning on coming.

See you there...


Saturday, May 22, 2010

BE@RBRICK Series 20 preview

As reported earlier, Fragment Design is to lend it's logo to one of the upcoming series 20 Be@rbrick's.

Now we can show you the rest of the common series.


Iron Man 2, Gremlins and the Jelly bean versions are my favourites (along with the frag one of course!

The basic versions see the return to the original white colour that was used for the first Be@rbrick release in 2001.

Check back for information of the uncommon versions soon

Via Toy Beast


Thursday, May 20, 2010

Nike "Write the Future" Short Film | Video

Nike is going ridiculously hard with their soccer fútbol campaigns over the past months, getting ready for the apex of all sporting events, the FIFA World Cup. This short film is from their latest "Write the Future" campaign and depicts how one small move in the World Cup can take a single player from striker to National hero...

Amazingly well done! Staring some of the worlds most talented men on the pitch.


Wednesday, May 19, 2010

'Envision: Step Into the Sensory Box' by Superbien | Video

French creative agency Superbien uses all sorts of unusual lighting techniques as a medium for their work art. This is their latest work "ENVISION: Step Into the Sensory Box", which takes a little time to start up ends up basically being visual crack...

At about the 2 minute mark my mind was blown.

Not nearly as interesting, but the exhibit was made for Alcatel-Lucent to show at the Mobile World Conference.


via bbc

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Comme des Garçons - Wonderwood Fragrance Short Film | Video

To mark the launch of Comme des Garçons new fragrance WONDERWOOD a short film has
been made by the Brothers Quay, highly renowned for their stop motion technique of film making. The piece is about a man who "loved trees more than words could say". The music and imagery were completely spellbinding to me, but I think you need a dim room, headphones and quiet background to really capture it all. Just watch...

Somewhat creepy, and all the way enchanting. I love it. The new scent will be out soon, and unlike 95% of fragrances in the market (which are done by a huge third party company) Comme des Garçons is very hands on with their olfactory department. That's why their scents are often very peculiar and may not be for everyone. It's art really. This Wonderwood scent in particular is made completely of various wood elements, as you may have imagined.


via thelovemag and thediscerningbrute

Christian Rich - The Decadence (Album Artwork)

Following up on the release of their new video for Hello Virgin, Christian Rich is now giving us a look into the cover art for their upcoming tape 'The Decadence'...

Appears to be the done by the same artist that's been doing some of their past artwork, good stuff! Read below for an explanation of the artwork, and be sure to check DCtoBC for their new song with Y-O of UNI. The Decadence drops May 31st.

“The artwork meaning is simple. It’s about the word “Decadence,” which in part means decay, but also an uprising. So the cover depicts a world where the people at the bottom are decaying and the people closer to the top are rising, hence a new start. As you see, the creatures at the bottom are crying and sad, while the ones above them are smiling and crying tears of joy. We tried to recreate a fictional world to set the tone for “The Decadence.“

PREVIOUSLY: Christian Rich - Hello Virgin (Music Video)


Sunday, May 16, 2010

Asher Roth - Seared Foie Gras w/ Quince and Cranberry

In the past week Asher Roth has launched his new website, released his new mixtape "Seared Foie Gras with Quince and Cranberry", along with a dope music video done by BBGUN. Do work!

DOWNLOAD: ASHER ROTH - Seared Foie Gras w/ Quince and Cranberry

Not that BBGUN ever disappoints, but the video is really well done! One take steez...

(the beat for Muddy Swim Trunks is the same as Sean Price's Figure Four... took me like 10 minutes to figure that one out)


Saturday, May 15, 2010

Palladium "Baggy Leather Bamboo" Boots

Palladium gets you boot lovers ready for the warmer months with some nice bamboo colored boots in their classic fold down silhouette...

Available now at Rugged Sole.


Friday, May 14, 2010

Mark Ronson - Circuit Breaker | Video

Mark Ronson just released this OG Zelda-esque music video for his latest song 'Circuit Breaker'. It's the 1st song off of his next album, Record Collection, due out in September. Let your inner 6 year old out with this one...

Love it. But I do think I'm a sucker for 8-bit music videos anyways.


via SongZiGe

NSW x Fragment - All Court Low (Black and White)

NSW has brought back the All Court in a strong way this season with all sorts of nice colors in canvas and suede. However the most sought after All Courts continue to be the swoosh-less ones done by Fragment. The red and navy that came out a couple of weeks ago were gone in the blink of an eye, and I would expect nothing different here...

EDIT: Added Pics.... and it seems it'll be a Tier 0.

Release is set for tomorrow in Japan, sadly these will only be available at the NSW annex in Head Porter +, Shubuya. However 21 Mercer always seems to get their hands on Japanese exclusives so keep a look out there as well.

How many of your Nikes have no swoosh?


via Plog and OfftheHook

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Mr. BATHING APE 2nd release

Nigo's suit line, Mr. BATHING APE, drops it's 2nd collection at United Arrows this week.

Along with some really nice looking ties and some amazing shoes made in conjunction with Regal, there are also some more casual looking denim and chinos available.



Pic of the Day - Barrage


Wednesday, May 12, 2010

UNKLE - Follow Me Down | Video

With UNKLE's latest album, Where Did the Night Fall, dropping just a few days ago, there's no better time for a new video from them as well! The song is "Follow Me Down", and just to warn you the majority of the video involves a lot of (tasteful) nudity. So probably NSFW.

Directed by Warren du Preez and Nick Thornton Jones, the model is Liberty Ross, and the inspiration comes from the album cover of Where Did the Night Fall.


Superdenim opens The Rugged Standard UK

The UK denim heads at Superdenim have just opened their 1st physical retail space in the UK...

"The ideals of stocking brands with real narrative, passion, quality and detail found in such abundance at Superdenim have been effortlessly transferred to the new store. Located in the historic northern city of York this first floor incarnation displays an elegant array of some of Japan's most difficult to find brands, and already has a fantastic selection of Mister Freedom, Studio D'Artisan, Joe McCoy, Viberg, Post Overalls and Jack Spade, with more to come."

The Rugged Standard
First Floor
19 High Petergate


The Black Sense x Loveless

To celebrate the 10th anniversary of Sense magazine, The Black Sense has collaborated with Tokyo high end boutique Loveless/Guild Prime to bring you some exclusive items.

Over the Stripes
, CONNECTERS and Landscape have also provided designs to be used for the celebration.


Readers of Sense magazine will be allowed to enjoy a preview sale on the 29th May if they fill in the form seen in the last picture and take it with them to the Loveless store.


SOPH's Hirofumi Kiyonaga in Sense Magazine

SOPH's founder and creative director Hirofumi Kiyonaga recently did a fashion shoot for Sense magazine, giving us the chance to see some of the upcoming items from SOPH and F.C.R.B.


I'm a big fan of the 3rd fit! Awesome stuff!


Billionaire Boys Club Season Zero re-release

One of the most iconic logo t-shirts from the Billionaire Boys Club, the so called "Season Zero T", is being re-released in limited numbers via Japanese magazine Mens Non-no.

No definite details as of yet but the price will be set at ¥7,140

Via BBC Japan


Pic of the Day - Stair Master


Tuesday, May 11, 2010

N*E*R*D - "Hot & Fun" Video Shoot Teasers

While Meez showed us the temporary concert footage version of the video last week, there is in fact a full blown version coming soon! And in true N*E*R*D fashion they went all out. Peep the custom painted Rolls Royce done by Friends With You...

Just silly juxtaposition but it came out kinda crazy!

I was picturing a beach theme but the Mad Max/ California Love desert vibe it appears to have looks much better! This video is going to be outrageous.


via BBC

Drake - Find Your Love | Video

Find Your Love is Drake's latest single off of "Thank Me Later", and it now has an unnecessarily epic video to accompany it.

Shot in Jamaica, so git ya bloodclot Patois on fa dis...

Bet when you 1st heard "Find Your Love" you didn't picture the video looking like something out of Shottas 2, huh? Wish the acting was a little more intense and gritty on Drake's part, but overall the video isn't too bad.

Directed by Anthony Mandler (who also did Over), the chick is Maliah Michel and the bad guy who tilts his head a lot for dramatic effect is Movado.


via Lupe

Monday, May 10, 2010

Fragment x Bearbrick Series 20 preview

The next series of Bearbricks (series 20) will see 2 new Fragment logo figures released.

We are not sure which one will be a standard launch and which will be the chase figure, but the series is set for launch in June.


Thanks again to IchibanED1026 for the heads up

Picture via Sense magazine


Mastermind Japan x Adidas

Here we have the first look at the upcoming Mastermind Japan x Adidas collaboration.

Due for release between the 16th and 22nd June, these items have been put together to celebrate the 2010 World Cup in South Africa.


They will be available from the Isetan store in Shinjuku in very limited numbers. Retail for the shoes will be ¥18,900. There is no pricing on the clothing yet.

Also, look out for more World Cup exclusive items via Y-3 and the Adidas Original labels.

Via Shoes Master



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