Saturday, February 28, 2009

F-Troupe s/s 2009 Boat Shoe & Boot

British premium shoe maker F-Troupe has a set mission to give good, original and innovative designs. Well for this Spring/Summer 2009 collection, a few shoes really stood out as filling that goal.

F-Troupe JT137 Boat Shoe
F-Troupe JT 137 Boat Shoe

F-Troupe TC03 Boots

Primarily based in suede, the F-Troupe's JT137 Boat Shoe and TC30 Boot bring a great twist in color and design to some classic silhouettes.

They have an entire collection of mens and womens shoes, these were just some intriguing new releases. So go check the entire line as well as their international stockists on their site (the site is def worth checking out), F-Troupe.com


via HS

Introducing: American Terrorist Apparel

We were recently hit up by this start-up line out of New York called American Terrorist Apparel. With only a few graphic tees for the time being, they are a promising brand with a good message.

From ATA:
"We named our brand after Lupe Fiasco's 'American Terrorist' because we think the song is a bold statement about what our country was founded on. We want to take the negative connotation of an "American Terrorist" and turn it into a positive image by using the name to represent the many cultures, religions and people who were once oppressed that now represent the true face of America. Our "Chapter 1" line is available for purchase on the website now, and our "Chapter 2" will be released in the next couple of months."


Levi Fenom Corduroys s/s 2009

As it becomes a more consistent part of the Levi line, exclusive Fenom releases designed by Hiroshi Fujiwara started popping up on the Japanese e-shop.
Just released now are some nice looking corduroys.

Coming in powder blue, navy, and beige; the corduroys are both in a normal cut (navy picture) and carpenter (power blue picture).
Available now at the e-shop.


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Other Recent Levi's Fenom News
Levi's Fenom Saddle Stitch
Levi's Fenom s/s 2009 Tops


Dior Homme have released a Flash video presentation of their Fall/Winter 2009/10 Runway Collection, Angles

With Dior Homme recently becoming rather popular (hype?) with the street wear collective, I'm sure there will be something to interest everyone in this show.

Containing the usual Black, White and Greys we come to expect from Dior Homme, the styling of this season is still classic and clean but this time some very nice Punk and '80s influences clearly shine through.

Also check out the great tune from Malcolm McLaren accompanying the show!

Video is HERE

Pictures from WWD.com Click link for more pictures


Friday, February 27, 2009

BBC Stars in Space Jumpsuit & Canvas Sneakers

BBC has definitely shown us time and time again that they are not one to shy away from trying something new. From tuxedos and bow ties to metallic gold backpacks and space helmet ski masks, it's pretty hard to surprise us at this point.
Well just when you thought it was over, BBC has just released a fully stars in space covered jumpsuit.

Actually looks kinda cool but not sure how many of these bad boys will actually sell for the $875 price tag at BBC/ Icea Cream flagships.

These canvas sneakers are way more practical but just as outrageously priced at nearly $300 from Colette.

"Wealth is of the mind and heart. Not of the pocket"


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Introducing SwaggerDap Radio

As I mentioned in a previous post, SwaggerDap Radio will be your weekly installment of new music from us.

Fridays 4-7pm, and you can stream right through iTunes.

Click the picture to stream right now!

Requests to AIM: werw1570
Twitter: john_swaggerdap, or meezyy

Tune in!


Unrivaled s/s 2009

Another really nicely put together line out of Japan, Unrivaled, has just released images from their upcoming Spring/Summer 2009 collection.

It's hard to stand out much with all of the amazing clothing that comes out of Japan these days, but the patchwork and little bit of flair that each cut & sewn piece is done very well.

More pics here, and available to buy soon on hanon.


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Thursday, February 26, 2009


I randomly discovered waste(twice) a few years ago whilst wondering the streets of Shibuya.

Sold via their Jam stores primarily, waste(twice) describes its self as "A genuine overalls and comfortable clothing" company. They manage to combine a retro European feel with modern street casual trends that blends beautifully.

Waste(twice) was founded in 2002 by designers Motoki Kawanabe and Shinsuke Kojima and is based in Tokyo, with Jam stores in Tokyo and Fukuoka. Their clothing is also available via several other officail retailers around Japan.

For their Spring/Summer lookbook, they have continued the "retro" look with a nice collection of shirts, pants, shoes and other leather goods.

Also this season sees a collaboration with Mt Rainier Design Works and the Voyage label side of waste(twice) to bring us some really nice outdoor clothing.

More info at waste(twice) offical site


Adventures in College: Hookah Nights

There's a new hookah bar on our campus that we started visiting pretty regularly this year. We hit it up last weekend with a bunch of requests and they basically accommodated every single one of them and let us have the best night this semester.

So the 1st request was to bring in a few bottles of wine and number 2 was to let us iPod DJ for the night. They had no problem with either, so it was Theophilus London, Red Wine, and Hookah on some nice comfy couches.
Then the owner came over and gave us a 2nd hookah on the house. Yes, it was that kinda night.

Once we got home the pictures got more and more obscure. Like this one of some stickers and 3D glasses. Oh and then my slippers.

"This Guy"

Thanks to the people at Hollywood Hookah on Marshall St., Cannonball Wine, Jane, Marina, Charissa, Theophilus London and everyone else who made the night great.

Someone owes me some Makers Mark by the way. You all downed that!


Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Ninjatown Micro Plush Series 1.5 & 2 by Shawnimals

Ridiculous plush toy maker Shawnimals will soon be releasing series 1.5 and 2 straight from Ninjatown!

If you're familiar with Shawnimals, there are a bunch of regulars here from the original set, some from the video game, and even a few that I have never seen before. Bad guys, ninjas, Mayor Ninja, Old Master Ninja, ninja poo, and way more.

I've been a huge fan of Shawnimals since way before they even sold online but now you can grab everything straight from their site. So go buy now! I mean where else can you get a plush moustache, pork dumpling, lint, and poo dollops?!? and for only $6!

Oh and if you are on twitter be sure to follow @shawnimals.


via toysrevil

Vans Vault Pea Coat Chukka LX

In the spirit of winter Vans will soon be releasing some Pea coat inspired Chukka's to keep the feet warm.

Coming in pewter, black, and navy, the pea coat Vans pull of the look perfectly, even having a strap with an anchor embossed button around the heel. Can't wait to see these in person & possibly cop my 1st pair of Vans (idk just never bought a pair. No clue why)

Check for the Pea Coat Chukka LX very soon at Vans Vault accounts.


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Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Original Fake Companion Bearbrick - All 3 Colorways

I showed you the preview and details of the Original Fake x Kubrick Bearbrick a couple days ago, and now there are pictures of all 3 colorways.

All of the info on these can be found right here.


pic via HS

Monday, February 23, 2009

Adventures in College: SwaggerDap Radio

SwaggerDap Radio finally hit the airwaves this past Friday after years of label woes, trying to get out of previous contracts, and inking a deal with a new station (ok or maybe it was just procrastination for a few weeks).
Anyways, here are some pics and more info on SwaggerDap Radio.

SwaggerDap Radio is actually just a 3 hour show once a week, Fridays 4-7pm, on Syracuse University's WERW station. Don't worry if you don't live around here cause we are on iTunes college radio so you can stream through your computer!
We will be bringing you all the music that we love and know you will too. Always taking requests (phone, AIM, twitter) so make sure you tune in next Friday! I'll post a reminder & link later in the week.
When we got out of the radio show it decided to blizzard so we decided to drink. That full pitcher on the right was Rogue Chipotle Ale which may I say was quite revolting. I guess some people like it but I'll take my food spicy, not my alcohol.

Rewind. So on SwaggerDap Radio we had a mystery instrumental that one lucky fan was able to identify. The prize you ask? A free tube of SwaggerDap (crest) toothpaste!
We made the delivery the following morning.

I would have loved to seen to look of amazement on the winner's face upon receiving the tube of oral hygiene. But just knowing we made someone happy is good enough.

So make sure you look for us next week on the radio show, and if you follow the blog or either of us on twitter you'll definitely be reminded.

Also thanks to everyone who did listen. We had a great time and hope you did too.



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