Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Ninjatown Micro Plush Series 1.5 & 2 by Shawnimals

Ridiculous plush toy maker Shawnimals will soon be releasing series 1.5 and 2 straight from Ninjatown!

If you're familiar with Shawnimals, there are a bunch of regulars here from the original set, some from the video game, and even a few that I have never seen before. Bad guys, ninjas, Mayor Ninja, Old Master Ninja, ninja poo, and way more.

I've been a huge fan of Shawnimals since way before they even sold online but now you can grab everything straight from their site. So go buy now! I mean where else can you get a plush moustache, pork dumpling, lint, and poo dollops?!? and for only $6!

Oh and if you are on twitter be sure to follow @shawnimals.


via toysrevil

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