Wednesday, February 04, 2009

R. Newbold x Goodhood Collection '09

London shop Goodhood and clothing line R. Newbold will be launching another line this year using just the right amount of bold colors to keep it simple yet eye catching.

The story of R. Newbold is very interesting: "1885, Robert Brewster Newbold founded a clothing factory and shop in Derby. By 1898, he had already expanded and built a new factory called "The Shaftsbury Works". To start with, the factory manufactured an assortment of garments including three piece suits, jackets and overalls, but throughout the century, the factory's repertoire expanded to include coalminers workwear, military clothing, and emergency service uniforms.

In 1991, Paul Smith bought the factory and launched his first R.Newbold collection in 1993. Sadly, after much promise, the brand disappeared from the UK in the mid 90s and became exclusive to Japan, the brand is massive out there (and they know a thing or two about clothing)."

So look for this nice collection to hit Japan very soon.


via HS ,Oi Polloi

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  1. shiiit blood tht ill.. neeeeeed!!!



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