Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Neighborhood x Original Fake s/s 2009

After hearing about this verrrry highly anticipated collaboration a few months ago, there are now scans up from the upcoming Neighborhood crossover collection with Original Fake.

The denim will surely be the 1st thing everyone want's to see and get their hands on. From the pic it looks like a Level 0 but I'm still curious to see if a Kaws inspired Level 4 will come out of this. Couldn't imagine how crazy that could look.

So after the denim the collection is wrapped up with a few nice tees, a jacket covered in the Kaws 'x' then a bandanna and striped tie that subtly carries the chompers in its stripes.

No exact word on the release date of these items but once better pictures and more information surface they'll be posted.


via HS

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