Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Converse (RED) x Lupe Fiasco - 100 Supplémentaire All Stars

In yet another collaboration between Converse and Lupe Fiasco we see some nice Product (RED) All Stars entitled the 100 Supplémentaire.

While there is little info on these besides this image, they are said to be politically driven with the writing all over the shoes being the views of Lupe himself. I'm not sure what the title 100 Supplémentaires means, but supplémentaires is French for 'more' or 'additional' so I guess it's '100 More' but I don't know the symbolism behind that.

As for the shoe itself, very clean white with black type print, almost looking like a newspaper. The top two eyelets are the only small details of red on the shoe.

Check for these at select Converse locations this month.


via sneakerfreaker


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