Thursday, January 31, 2008

Stick 'Em Up!!

Thanks For The Donation John.
Now My Notebook Stay's Fresh Too.


Purple Kisses, Purple Kisses

"I'd love it if they'd put them pretty lips on meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee"



John is definetly not gonna be a fan of this post.
(He's not a big fan of R&B and he HATES the amount of times I play The-Dream's album)

But yeah, I spotted my lovely officemates Irene & Quana sportin some fly *purple* shit (they should win an esssssspyy). Not suprisingly they were decked out in nothing but H&M and Forever 21.

If you didnt get it, Purple Kisses is a song on The-Dream's album and Jay-Z said the whole Espy thing on "Party Life"

Step Your Music Game up


Attack of the Killer Red Laces?

SMH @ Us.

(Must admit, Dooms get pretty obnoxious in photos. All bright and shit.)

This is the 2nd time this ACCIDENT happened except last time it was green laces. (We didnt take a picture tho.)

I mean c'mon we're not gonna call eachother and ask "What you wearing today?"
Shit happens =/

-Nuff Said and No Homo.


*Cough* If it was a battle *cough* who won? *Cough*


So I had not so much of rough but definetly a busy shift at work today.
I'm a building manager at the 2 student centers on campus. (Trust me its not as intense as it sounds.)

But today I was on my feet the whole shift, self conscious about my crooked tounge, and made fun of for calling Custodial to clean up glass.

So basically nothing was fun or amusing until i dropped into one of my supervisors, Scott Casanova's office and saw this...

Yeeeeep, thats a big ass Millenium Falcon lego model.

Scott is a big Star Wars fan....i mean. You have to see his office but i'll just post a small portion.

Designer Toys?
Interesting to me?
Blog Worthy?
I did it right?

That is All.


Crooked Tounges?!!


During the writing of this post I must admit I have the saddest look on my face.

I mean you wake up, you have no idea what you're gonna wear to class today, you check the weather and HOLY SHIT! No precipation in Syracuse today?!!

Who knows how the thought process came to it, but boom. You decide...."Throw the dooms on today!" Why?....Why not??!!

But then...

What is that? How does it happen? Why did it happen?!!

I only wore them once!! I posted when I wore them!

Now I should!, and you always must, but usually I dont put my sneakers right back into the box after wear.

But I swear I did that time.
I even put the paper back in them.
(There's no decreaser in the world that will decrease a tounge.)


I put them in the box waiting for that next special day...

That special day isn't starting so special.

--A Very Sad But Too Fly To Be Depressed Meezy

Married to the Mob Denim

Finally, my favorite women's streetwear brand is expanding their line past tees and hoodies! ..(well and that beanie, and the impossible to find Kaws bikinis)

new denim from Married to the Mob


Hopefully soon we can see some more products from the MOB .... a shoe/ sneaker collab with Alife possibly? hmmmm

well, congrats ladies


pic via MOB

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Bloggers we aint the same, Im into pavement son!!

First of all. Dont judge ME for all these online purchases!!!
I go to school in timbuktu, and when I'm up here I have no choice but to order off of Karmaloop, 80spurple and some random shit I found today, Toyboxtim.
I mean...the fashion game in Syracuse is madd buns son. Madd buns.

But yeah...

(Again, thats not me in the picture)

We are but another humble streewear blog...But we gets busy!!
Stop takin pictures of that neatly folded 10.Deep Hoody and those neatly stacked SB dunks. Throw them shits on and walk around the block muthaf*cka! Let that shit touch PAVEMENT!
Streetwear = Street + Wear. Street = pavement.
Thus, Streetwear = Shit to be worn on pavement. Word Life.

Ahem and yeah...

I just copped this cuz I thought it was funny and it also had to do with the people on the internet.

Yall can take it however you wanna take it
I'm the reason your favorite Blog is no longer your favorite

Hit Me up If You a Aim Banger!

aim: me3zy

Prod II - Valentin's Day Massacre


These are just lovely to me .....

new PRod II - Valentine's Day Massacre

set to drop this week


pics via highsnobiety

PRod x Tinker Hatfield

You might not recognize the name, but you definietly know Tinker Hatfield's work. He is the man behind many famous Nike and Air Jordan designs that we consider so classic today.

He has now designed a PRod II, which can you believe it ..... looks alot like a Jordan!


so far i've been a fan of the JRods, but these are just a little to Jordan-esque of an SB for me
the toe is nice tho

a limited release is only rumored so keep bugging your local shop for more info


pic via Hypebeast


oh Reebok.... you're like that little brother who has his moments (pumps) but is still always trying to be like his older brothers and just comes up short.

enter Reebok x Koolaid ........ which at 1st i didnt think was all that bad. Untill i saw the line up of clothes and accessories that just made the whole collab oh so hood-tastic


so dont worry about what you were going to match those new cherry flavor Kool Aid kicks with ... Reebok has you covered ... head to toe

some flavors dropping 2/1, and the rest on 3/15 ..... comming to a hood near you very soon


pics and info via Complex

Glow in the Dark Tour Announced

tour dates comming soon


gunna be epic .... nuff said


pic via BBC/ Ice Cream

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Bape Valentine's Day '08

As you may or may not know, A Bathing Ape has annual t-shirts for Christmas, each store's anniversary, and of course Valentine's day.

well here is this year's exclusive V-Day tee.


it features a Cupid Milo .... nice indeed

Should be dropping at your local Bathing Ape stores any day now.



Not even 5 minutes into class and John already has ADD.

UGC - User Generated Content

UGK - Underground Kings

"Get focused man cause whether hoopty or rover man we doin us WOO!!!"

Nike Dunk Mid SB "Fender Bass"

quick reminder on these Nike SB mids dropping in February


Continuing on their musical instirations this Mid's colorway is drawn from the Fender Bass Guitar .... pictured below


the design is simple, classy, and subtle ......and lets face it i need another pair of mids now that my Peacocks are reaching beater status .... consider it copped


pics via highsnobiety

Ma, I Don't Love Her!!

Nah, that's a cot damn lie.
My homie girl Jasmine came through and helped me do some complex Excel worksheet shiiit.

Mhm Yessir... I paid her with that Skim Milk.

Thanks Jasmine!!

P.s. I forgive you for that Uggz Jacket

Nike SB 2008 Sneak Preview

DAMN, has Nike just hijacked the blog or something? i gotta diversify

anyways, here's some sneak preview pics of the 2008 Nike SB collection from the Bright Tradeshow in Germany

those black dunk lows in the foreground will be mine
seafoams in the back could be nice aswell

these two are probably my favorite though .... some new all suede PRod2's with the splattered laces and the elusive PRod Hi Top as seen from the back ..... i have a feeling that people will be feinding for that shoe as it has shades of late 80's jordans writen all over it

few more.. dunk mid and high

all set to release this year


pics via hypebeast

Dear Nike, Why You So Mean?

So i stumble across these intriguing pics of this new locker that Nike has put together for they're Be True To Your School campaign.......... (clever eh? ... school, lockers ... get it?)


Sexy right? .......


well there's only one catch ......after drooling over this in anticipation i read on that it's a friends and family release :( ... but it is rumored that one will be raffled at a BTTYS release city. (i can only hope its NYC now)

nike, damn you.. damn you and your special releases that i cant get! ..... woulda been a nice little hidding place for my grails


ps. Nike, that was just the booze talking.... you know i still love you

pics n info via hypebeast

Nike SB Blazer - Tiff Edition

So how i took it is that this is basically a "tribute" to the every so great Tiffany SB...... (AKA, a way for nike to push the new Blazer Low?) :)

either way the shoe is nice, and with the premium materials will subtly turn heads
(especially that snakeskin swoosh, sex)


the only thing i have a problem with is that the "tribute" part consists merely of the cracked swoosh and the insole having the tiff blue .... idk just doesnt add up to me ?
but a nice shoe none the less

releasing within the month at ya local SB accounts


pics via highsnobiety

I Gotcha!

Yes yes yes I finally got'cha!

My very own HP 2000x Custom Tablet.

Best believe this baby is gonna add to my productivity.
I've been showin this mutha off all day with its swivel screen and all that. ^_^

Sorry I've fallen off the blogosphere for a minute.
At least the homie John's been holdin it down.

But here...peep this random picture from over the weekend.

If you noticed those Coronas in the background - The SwaggerDap team does not support underage drinking.Cut it out.

Monday, January 28, 2008

Kidrobot x Schifter & Partner

As Kidrobot continues to gain popularity and distribution its line keeps expanding and the design stays strong. Now we see them teaming up with Schifter + Partners for a season of accessory bags ranging from phone holders and ipod cases to bookbags and duffle bags. (no lil wayne)


They are always very smart with their collaborations (Burton, Lacoste, Lemar & Dauley amongst others) in choosing to team with brands with great quality and attention to detail. That trend continues here as Schifter & Partner are best known for their licensing of Harajuku Lovers and L.A.M.B. bags


here President of Kidrobot, Paul Budnitz, is with Tim Schifter as they annouce the line

Be on the look out for these this Fall. It'll be a major distribution so be sure to check it out.


pics & news via
Nitrolicious and WWD

Sunday, January 27, 2008

Nike Trainer Dunk Low - Caol Uno 10AC

if you missed out on the white Supreme SB trainers, then the new Nike Trainer Dunk may interest you


Its the new Nike Trainer Dunk Lows, inspired by martial arts master Caol Uno
the shoe is primarily white but features great use of patent leather as well as 3m material on the heal. The main accent of plaid also gives the shoe a little something extra.

sexy 3m

They seem to be just obnoxiously white enough for meezy to reach for his wallet...... and I'm not normally a fan of white shoes but i might make an exception for these if i see them for the right price

be on the look for them to hit Nike QuickStrike accounts soon


pics n info via kixandthecity

Saturday, January 26, 2008

Meg and her Avant-garde taste

Time: 17:18:02 Eastern...

Fahrenheit: 15 Degrees (Feels like 9)...

Font: Verdana (Helvetica not available)...

A day to go down in history books.... The infamous Meg writes her first blog entry ahhh...

Soo, yeah I thought it was time to get cracking on this blogging stuff and when I saw Jeremy Scott's collections, I knew I had to share.

Jeremy's designs are down right outrageous and comical, I love them! He has about six different collections out each one having their own unique inspiration. He designs women's as well as men's fashion, so guys check it out too! Check out his entire collection at www.jeremyscott.com/

This bag was actually a collaboration with Longchamp, a French bag company. You can purchase it at http://www.colette.fr/

Some people graduate college and go to macy's to buy nice suits to start their big jobs, this is what I'll be wearing when I step into the real world....

And for the men (drum roll please...)

Real men wear CareBears....

Peace n remember.... Comic Sans kills!

Diamond Supply Co. X 10 Deep

Diamond Supply Co. stays coming with nice dark designs that just hit hard. Along with that, they are always on top of the collab game with very memorable joints with Crooks & Castles and Girl (which we will see more collabs with this season) amongst others.

well this year we see Diamond Suppy Co. X 10 Deep


the shirt features a diamond encrusted skull pendant and reads "immortality is a fool's dream"


i'll definitely be on the look out for this tee later this season


pics via highsnobiety

The Plan

Yesterday was just another day in the office, working on the plan and the site.

quick office shoe circle...

from the left: Air Safari 97's, Orlando Bape Roadstas, Nike Dunk Hi Tweed II

and after finding out that we might be living in Japan next semester, we took a trip for sushi


....i think we're ready


Friday, January 25, 2008

The Hundreds x XLarge - GShock

now im not huge on watches, but for some reason GShocks hold a special place in my heart.

especially when they come in obnoxious colorways, sort of like this one:


this is the new GShock DW-6900 which is a collab between cali based The Hundreds and japanese brand XLarge.
its got really nice yellow accents with the logos of each brand showing when the face is lit

look out for this japan exclusive in early february people


pics & info via highsnobiety

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Can't Stop the Crocs

so in a sad sad turn of events i recently visited the local mall and discovered that they now make faux fur lined Crocs :(


so sadly the weather will not stop people from wearing these atrocious peices of footwear



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