Thursday, January 03, 2008

The Essentials (of cool.... and travel)

"As we peruse the essentials of cool.........."

gettin ready for the 20 plus hour trip to Shanghai with some necessities ..... Pokemon, some reading material, my USB, and deoderant .... its like a hipster's survival pack

just gotta keep cool like Lupe with "the Wee Ninja hangin' and the UNKLE album bangin" and its china in no time

see you on the other side ...........(PS. the wee ninja is so stealthy in this pic that he almost cant be seen. like a true ninja)


  1. Dude! That's freakin' awesome! I need to get one! I love it when people mix travelling with cool things that we like to do! For example, check out these vids: http://www.roomforyourimagination.com. My favorite video is from room 223 called Labels. It’s so hilarious! Gymnasts is good too! You need to go check it out! These videos are awesome…I work with them so I have the inside scoop!

  2. Isn't it weird, how these objects just happened to land so perfectly like that.... the money just slightly coming out of the wallet, the way the bape belt drapes your magazine... knowing you, you probably sat there for a good 20 mins setting up this still life image of streetwear travel essentials..... lol...

  3. in response to peter, wtf are you talking about?

    in response to meg, its called art damnit
    fuckin hater, i swear



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