Saturday, January 05, 2008

Momma I'm So Sorry...About Yesterday

So I had a meeting yesterday with this guy at my step-moms job. (Sorry for distracting the whole office!!) His name's Justin Kim. Dude was fuckin awesome; he had mimo bots and toys all over his desk, totally understood my SwaggerDap vision and gave me crazy advice. It sucks tho cuz now I know how much fuckin work I have left to do.

But on a cooler note....it was the 1st day I wore my Dooms. Yep...I'm not really a "keep um dead stock guy". Everything I purchase is eventually gonna touch concrete.

Oh yeah...last but not least I copped these from Journey's on 34th street. (Sorry Again Step Momma for buying another pair of sneakers) Uh huh. I know they're fuckin obnoxious I couldn't help it. It was funny too because I saw some matching belts behind the counter, asked the cashier how she felt about dudes rocking belts like those, and She said guys come in wearing them and she thinks they're all corny but the one I chose was aight. (hm...didn't know if she just lied to be nice).

So I tested her after I paid for everything by asking if I should cop this matching hand bag, but immediately said I was joking. She said "good...cuz I was gonna say damn you ARE Gay!!"

Other than that...I Smoked hookah for the 1st time with my boys Luis and Tristan, and a girl Vivian. We ate Chipotle and I went to bars and got drunk. The hell did you do all day?

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