Sunday, January 20, 2008

You Don't Even Know

So this was definitely a crazy week filled with classes, irresponsible & unprotected sex, CLOVERFIELD!!! and ridiculous drinking.

So yeah, it was the first week of school and John and I have like 3 classes together: Intermediate Macroeconomics, Entrepreneurship & Digital Commerce, and Emerging Enterprise Law.

I done told yall, SwaggerDap is gonna be bigger than a blog. Why you think im taking all these business classes?

Anyway I got bored in Econ one day and took pics of our kicks.

Me = Nikebook, John = Brian Andersons, and a general consensus concluded that if it was a sneaker battle - I won. =) (Sorry John)

I finally copped a blackberry curve baby!

Yes!!! Bye bye broken ass sidekick, Hello Corpland. The boy is definitely grown up now and saying FxCk Sidekicks!! When Danger decides to stop making slightly better sidekick 2s every year, maybe ill cop. But for now, I <3 blackberry son and I swindled the t-mobile dude madd hard to get that shit for $280.

A bunch of us went to see CLOVERFIELD on Friday and THAT SHIT WAS FxCKIN CRAZY!!!! If you haven’t seen that shit yet?!, the fxck is wrong wit you? Go outside and stop reading blogs all day! I mean, how does one explain how good it was without ruining the movie?
‘nuff said?

Yo I swear we're gonna step our post game up to some more than once a day shit; but shits been just too hectic at the moment.

Always strap up,


Do I curse too much?

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