Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Hello New World.......

Here we come

A team of avid “street fashion” addicts armed with ‘nuff Swagger and a Blogspot.. Now now before you start thinking, “Oh Great, another Fucking Streetwear Blog to milk the culture for what its worth”, PIPE DOWN!!. Our vision is much greater than that. So relax, sit back and give it some time. This will be the premier location for your Streetwear fixation. And that’s a muthafukkin promise.

Introducing ........
John Dwyer; He’s a Yo Gabba Gabba watchin, Bape Wearin, stay swearin Asshole.

Meg Federico. She’s pretty much our Creative Director so heed this warning…Mention “Times New Roman” around this girl and she’ll beat your ass until Helvetica bleeds out your ears.

And me…the boy Meezy. What the duece am I suppose to say about myself that you shouldn’t already know?

We’re on our way. Ya dig?

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