Friday, January 11, 2008

We Got It For Cheap!!

Alright alright....1st thing imma say is, this very post violates an essential rule of a SwaggerDap principle. YOU MUST ALWAYS BE CONFIDENT IN YOUR PURCHASE!

But here I am...having 2nd thoughts.

See what had happened was...I was just doin some temporary deliveries throughout Manhattan today. I ended up on 42nd street and said hey...lemme step into Training Camp real quick. I swore to myself...i'm not gonna buy nothing. Just step in and if they ask "No, I'm just looking today"

But then BAM! I see a sign talkin bout Evisu Kicks for sale. The price was so low i'm not even gonna post it! But it was 2 for much less than $100!!

The fact of the matter is i bought um. I know they're like 2 years ago but fxck it. I got um for cheap right?

Or should i have just bought a DVD?

1 comment:

  1. the high tops I fuck with for sure
    the lows i would need to see in person



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