Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Gangsta Lean

So I'm sittin in my Writing 307 class at 7:40ish PM, bored as F*Ck, and browsing a little community site called Blake.cc when -

I stumble upon this photo of a girl named Julia, I believe.

Now I have no idea what the hell she was tryna do or why she even has a random bucket chillin in what appears to be a madd empty house but -

It's definitely one of the Flyest things I seen all day and obviously worth bloggin about.

Lol, hopefully she comments on this and tells us what the hell was goin on.


  1. bitch is obviously practicing taking it up the butt on a bucket

  2. damn, u know i've been saving "gangsta lean" for a while now as a title
    breaking my heart here using it on someone standing on a bucket

  3. alskdjlsad lmao !

    Well, I wasn't doing anything ...

    I merely saw an object, and decided to stand on it ...

    a can of gesso - which I used to paint with.

    but, thank you for this ...i do appreciate it.

    cheap mondays make the world go 'round.

    and to you kids ...

    save the fagsexual comments ...don't rack your brains too much thinking of some clever shit to type.



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