Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Bloggers we aint the same, Im into pavement son!!

First of all. Dont judge ME for all these online purchases!!!
I go to school in timbuktu, and when I'm up here I have no choice but to order off of Karmaloop, 80spurple and some random shit I found today, Toyboxtim.
I mean...the fashion game in Syracuse is madd buns son. Madd buns.

But yeah...

(Again, thats not me in the picture)

We are but another humble streewear blog...But we gets busy!!
Stop takin pictures of that neatly folded 10.Deep Hoody and those neatly stacked SB dunks. Throw them shits on and walk around the block muthaf*cka! Let that shit touch PAVEMENT!
Streetwear = Street + Wear. Street = pavement.
Thus, Streetwear = Shit to be worn on pavement. Word Life.

Ahem and yeah...

I just copped this cuz I thought it was funny and it also had to do with the people on the internet.

Yall can take it however you wanna take it
I'm the reason your favorite Blog is no longer your favorite

Hit Me up If You a Aim Banger!

aim: me3zy

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