Monday, January 28, 2008

Kidrobot x Schifter & Partner

As Kidrobot continues to gain popularity and distribution its line keeps expanding and the design stays strong. Now we see them teaming up with Schifter + Partners for a season of accessory bags ranging from phone holders and ipod cases to bookbags and duffle bags. (no lil wayne)


They are always very smart with their collaborations (Burton, Lacoste, Lemar & Dauley amongst others) in choosing to team with brands with great quality and attention to detail. That trend continues here as Schifter & Partner are best known for their licensing of Harajuku Lovers and L.A.M.B. bags


here President of Kidrobot, Paul Budnitz, is with Tim Schifter as they annouce the line

Be on the look out for these this Fall. It'll be a major distribution so be sure to check it out.


pics & news via
Nitrolicious and WWD

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  1. Hey I never seen the hotpink kid robot backpack where do they sell them?



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