Sunday, January 20, 2008

When the Last Time

When the last time I uploaded pics from my camera? forreal

been a while, got a new ill camera so the old one has been collecting dust

found some pics from a quick trip to SoHo that Meg and I took last week. rained like crazy

Meg sportin: Nike SB Blasers, Seven Jeans, Handmade Peacoat, Kidrobot tee, and Bape shopping bag (which you damn well know is mine)

oh and cant forget the Burberry unbrella .................. pshhh, shiiiiiiiiit, actually that was like $4 at a corner bodega
on Me: Ice Cream Board Flip I, Uniqlo Jeans, A Bathing Ape scrap jacket, Bape plaid hoody, Stussy thermal, and Supreme shopping bag (which contains the Gibson Nike SBs)

and randomly my quote of the day "live fast, die young"
just some hard shit i heard that im feelin lately



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