Thursday, January 31, 2008

Crooked Tounges?!!


During the writing of this post I must admit I have the saddest look on my face.

I mean you wake up, you have no idea what you're gonna wear to class today, you check the weather and HOLY SHIT! No precipation in Syracuse today?!!

Who knows how the thought process came to it, but boom. You decide...."Throw the dooms on today!" Why?....Why not??!!

But then...

What is that? How does it happen? Why did it happen?!!

I only wore them once!! I posted when I wore them!

Now I should!, and you always must, but usually I dont put my sneakers right back into the box after wear.

But I swear I did that time.
I even put the paper back in them.
(There's no decreaser in the world that will decrease a tounge.)


I put them in the box waiting for that next special day...

That special day isn't starting so special.

--A Very Sad But Too Fly To Be Depressed Meezy

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