Thursday, January 28, 2010

All Gone 2009 | Book

Somehow the All Gone book has kind of become a yearly SwaggerDap must have, and this year is no different (if you have or know anyone with the original 2006 book let us know!). If you are unfamiliar with the All Gone publication, it is a yearly wrap up of all things limited edition, that is put out by the good folks at La MJC. And of course it is limited edition itself.

Since the book is over 250 pages and covers an entire year in street culture, I can't exactly give a succinct recap through this blog post. BUT they do some nice imagery and photography to note a certain product through each month, so I've chosen to take you through those...
(click to enlarge)

While the book remains basically the same year after year, I still love the time, effort, and quality put into the pages. A lot of people write off "street culture" so we don't always get the finest things, but this publication is consistently great and makes me happy to be part of it all.

Oh and here's a quick run down of the products for each month:

Jan - Puma x UNDFTD
Feb - Asics x Patta (yes there are actually sneakers in the picture, look down)
Mar - Sebago x La MJC
Apr - Supreme x Damien Hirst
May - Original Fake 4ft Companion
Jun - Nike Livestrong
Jul - Louis Vuitton x Kanye
Aug - Medicom Bearbrick
Sep - New Balance x Mita x Mad Mectic
Oct - Vans x Robert Crumb
Nov - Reebok Pump 20
Dec - Puma Bubble Tech Pack

They are already sold out through colette, and to be honest I'm not sure that they release anywhere else, but if you do some hunting (or know someone in Paris) I'm sure you can still snag a copy.


Pic of the Day - Sun Red Sky Blue


Nike x Futura x Syracuse University | Be True

As a Syracuse alum, I've been wanting to post about this Nike x Futura x Syracuse Be True collection for a while now. Unfortunately I was out of town and couldn't make it to the release party where Futura, Pearl Washington, and Paul Harris were in attendance, but I was able to make it down to 21 Mercer yesterday to snap a few pics...

Futura basically got an entire store takeover, with his rendition of the Orangeman on the walls over his camo print. And for the event he also gave the store his graffiti treatment, even turning some of his traditional atom like designs into basketballs. There was also some of Futura's photography on display from his recent trip to a 'Cuse game at the Carrier Dome.

The apparel collection consists of a t-shirt, hoody, track jacket, and stadium jacket, all coming in 2 colorways. The t-shirt features Futura's Orangman on the from with the camo print in 3m on the back, in both black and white. The hoody comes in grey with orange details, as well as black on black. The track jacket comes in white (seen below) as well as black on black. And the stadium jacket comes in blue with blue all over stitched details, as well as orange patches, like a varsity jacket, also the same details in another black on black version.

The footwear collection consists of an AF-1 premuim in all black and one in all grey that simply reads "Be True" on the bottom sole. There is also a Dunk Hi that features Futura's camo in black and orange all over the shoe.

Not everything is available online, but you can shop some of the collection here.

So happy and honored that both Nike and Futura picked Syracuse to do this artist collection with. And what a great year to pick, as 'Cuse sits at #4 on the polls for mens Basketball.


Phillip T. Annand - Street Talk NY Edition Interview [Video]

I meant to post this the other day but the 9-5 got in the way. Phil is a really smart young'n that started The Award Tour brand and blog, and also blogs for Hypebeast. I urge all upcoming brands - and even the already "successful ones" - to take a minute and hear what this young man had to say...

"Everyone can make a cotton 6oz t-shirt. But what can you put behind that 6 ounces of cotton that's gonna seperate you from someone else?"

Props to Pinboard for sharing this.


Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Bape Europe online store coming soon

We have heard on the grape vine that the Bape Europe website/web store will go live tomorrow.

Bape Europe

There is nothing there at the moment except for the Bape favicon in the address bar, but check back tomorrow and hopefully it will all be up and running


Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Pic of the Day - Colors of the Wild


The Selby visits Tatsuhiko "Ryu" Akashi, CEO of Medicom Toys

The Selby is one of my favorite websites, as they give a photographic look inside the work places and homes of some of the finest creatives, designers, models, etc. around the world. Well on their most recent trip they visited CEO of Medicom Toys, Tatsuhiko "Ryu" Akashi in his Tokyo studio. A toy collectors dreamland...

I would shank a man for these Undercovers.

And much more from the Medicom office at The Selby.

Since discovering it, one of my life goals is to be featured on The Selby. In due time.

PREVIOUSLY: The Selby visits Lucas Ossendrijver at Lanvin


Monday, January 25, 2010

Pic of the Day - Samurai Guards


Sub by Subcrew - Stadium Jacket

Hong Kong's Subcrew is unveiling its new higher end division, Sub, starting with this nice and simple stadium jacket...

While living in Hong Kong, Subcrew always felt like an HK version The Hundreds or Supreme. Logo/ graphic heavy, not too expensive, and almost everybody into streetwear had at least a simple Subcrew trucker hat. Staple items. So it's nice to see them branch out, and put some good quality into their new Sub line and also tone down the graphics at the same time.

Available online now.


via hypebeast

Gloomy Bear Zipper Pulls and Vasily the Grumpiest Walrus

Too many things release at Kidrobot to stay on top of, but these are just 2 recent releases that made me happy...

1st is everyone's favorite cute yet disturbingly violent bear, the Gloomy Bear, in a 1 inch zipper pull size. The set is 23 piece blind assortment, each one ful of just as much adorable bloody violence as you can handle. Available at Kidrobot stores and online now.

There is also a new big 16" plush of Vasily the Grumpiest Walrus by Frank Kozik. I just found out that Vasily is Commander of a Russian nuclear attack sub, always busy dodging icebergs, whales, and underwater volcanoes, thus leaving no time for pleasures in life like naps, tasty clams or making fun of seals. Which CLEARLY explains the grumpiness. Also available now.

Definitely need a Gloomy Bear zipper pull or 2 in my life.


Maried to the Mob Spring 2010 Collection "Dazed & Confused"

This spring, Married to the Mob is coming out with their "Dazed and Confused" collection. Leah describes this collection as "the urban Lolita: a sweet and sexy manipulating man-eater, who writes her crushes name all over the bathroom wall in her moms Chanel lipstick. Piggy tails, drug dreams, and crushed hopes of romantic love galore." This collection seems to have expanded with new styles. The collection includes graphic tees and tanks, leggings, track jackets, tops, hoodies, jeans, duffel bag, and jumpsuit.

Collection is now available at the MOB Shop.

Photography by David Shadi

via MOB Living


Saturday, January 23, 2010

Pic of the Day - Refuge


Pharrell Interview at Midem

Pharrell recently gave the keynote interview speech at the Midem music biz conference in France. The interviewer is terrible and the audience is apparently dead and or deaf, but Pharrell talks about many of his ventures, his work, how he operates, thinks and many of the philosophies that he lives by...

I've always been a huge Pharrell fan and it's nice to see that while he does have his hands in so many pots he also has an amazing entrepreneurial mind and a large role in many of his ideas.

What do you do when someone tried to shoot down your idea?
"I challenge it, 100%. and I love it, because it makes the idea that much more sound... Challenges and "No"s make you stronger and give your idea a tougher shell if the idea is worth chasing. It's not not taking no for an answer, it's using that feedback as constructive criticism. It's not personal"

I feel like Meezy and I need to go into business with Pharrell one day. Like-minded individuals.


props to NahRight and Illionaire for extracting this from the Midem site so that I could post it

Friday, January 22, 2010

Pic of the Day - Shades of Dawn


Visvim - Denim Abarth Mocs

Visvim unleashes yet another model of moccasin, the Abarth, and continues to blur the line between shoe and sneaker...

I guess this really isn't saying too much since basically every Visvim release is impressive, but these are beautiful! The upper is denim that is available in 2 different colors as you can see. The soles show some close resemblance to that of a sneaker, however the hardware on the upper contrasts and compliments it well, which is what makes this shoe so special. With jeans, shorts, or a suit, these work. Perfectly versatile.

We need a Visvom account in NYC again damnit!!


via NOS


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