Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Yang Fudong for Prada - "First Spring" (video)

Prada is launching their Spring 2010 Menswear campaign with this short film directed by up and coming Shanghai director Yang Fudong.
The short is very abstract and slow in pace, but there was something so fantastically romantic and surreal about it that actually had me rewatching the 9 minute video a few times. And the combination of silence and those great strings just ads so much to the experience...

"'First Spring' is Pradas latest collaboration with pioneering Chinese artist Yang Fudong.

Featuring young man gathered in Shanghai, dressed in Prada menswear, the black and white film portrays a timeless, dreamlike realm where anything is possible.

Inspired by the Chinese adage that 'the whole years work depends on a good start in spring', this bold and beautiful film represents an exciting new direction for Pradas visual communications at the start of this decade."


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