Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Baby Milo Joins Sanrio

This morning WWD Japan has reported that after countless collabs, Bape's beloved Baby Milo character will be officially joining the Sanrio family...

The details aren't all out as of yet but it sounds like as of May the Baby Milo character will be a fully used part of the Sanrio animated character family and sold in Sanrio stores worldwide. As a business move, this is monumental for Nigo, and I'm sure the licensing money he is going to see will be out of control. However as a long time Bape fan I'm generally disappointed by the news. Besides the fact that Baby Milo is a simple and well done character, he a main face of Bape, which lives on exclusivity and generally being "in the know". And while I've always loved the Sanrio collabs, it makes me cringe to think of thousands of 12 year olds with Baby Milo book bags and hair ties. Just makes me think of the knock off things that already exist.

But hey, who knows, maybe this will still stay somewhat exclusive and as always may only hit Japan. Let's hope for the best.


via Nigo

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