Thursday, January 28, 2010

All Gone 2009 | Book

Somehow the All Gone book has kind of become a yearly SwaggerDap must have, and this year is no different (if you have or know anyone with the original 2006 book let us know!). If you are unfamiliar with the All Gone publication, it is a yearly wrap up of all things limited edition, that is put out by the good folks at La MJC. And of course it is limited edition itself.

Since the book is over 250 pages and covers an entire year in street culture, I can't exactly give a succinct recap through this blog post. BUT they do some nice imagery and photography to note a certain product through each month, so I've chosen to take you through those...
(click to enlarge)

While the book remains basically the same year after year, I still love the time, effort, and quality put into the pages. A lot of people write off "street culture" so we don't always get the finest things, but this publication is consistently great and makes me happy to be part of it all.

Oh and here's a quick run down of the products for each month:

Jan - Puma x UNDFTD
Feb - Asics x Patta (yes there are actually sneakers in the picture, look down)
Mar - Sebago x La MJC
Apr - Supreme x Damien Hirst
May - Original Fake 4ft Companion
Jun - Nike Livestrong
Jul - Louis Vuitton x Kanye
Aug - Medicom Bearbrick
Sep - New Balance x Mita x Mad Mectic
Oct - Vans x Robert Crumb
Nov - Reebok Pump 20
Dec - Puma Bubble Tech Pack

They are already sold out through colette, and to be honest I'm not sure that they release anywhere else, but if you do some hunting (or know someone in Paris) I'm sure you can still snag a copy.


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