Monday, January 04, 2010

Erick Arc Elliot - Noir | (Music)

To be perfectly honest, my main motivation for downloading this tape was the nice minimal artwork and honestly maybe the fact that it wasn't pushed in my face by some email or twitter blast. No idea who the artist was or honestly what genre of music it was at all. Yes all of that sparked my curiosity and I was suckered in by the non-marketing. Ain't that something??

Well anyways, the artist is Erick Arc Elliott and the tape is called Noir. And even though I had a few tapes to catch up on, I ended up listening to this a few times today instead. I don't like saying "he sounds like..." because I like letting people gather their own opinions, but I will tell you it's hip hop and it's undoubtedly good...

DOWNLOAD - NOIR by Erick Arc Elliott // (Mirror)


Favorite tracks seem to be Traduction, Empty Space, and Orbital so far.

I'd really love to hear what you think of the tape on here, or through Twitter, where you can even tell Erick himself, @erickarcelliott.


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