Saturday, January 23, 2010

Pharrell Interview at Midem

Pharrell recently gave the keynote interview speech at the Midem music biz conference in France. The interviewer is terrible and the audience is apparently dead and or deaf, but Pharrell talks about many of his ventures, his work, how he operates, thinks and many of the philosophies that he lives by...

I've always been a huge Pharrell fan and it's nice to see that while he does have his hands in so many pots he also has an amazing entrepreneurial mind and a large role in many of his ideas.

What do you do when someone tried to shoot down your idea?
"I challenge it, 100%. and I love it, because it makes the idea that much more sound... Challenges and "No"s make you stronger and give your idea a tougher shell if the idea is worth chasing. It's not not taking no for an answer, it's using that feedback as constructive criticism. It's not personal"

I feel like Meezy and I need to go into business with Pharrell one day. Like-minded individuals.


props to NahRight and Illionaire for extracting this from the Midem site so that I could post it

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