Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Pic of the Day - Wash


Patta x Keep Shaheen

Amsterdam's Patta and LA's Keep are teaming up once again, this time on Keeps signature Shaheen model...

Subtle Patta colors in a classic Keep silhouette make this shoe awesome. I usually think that Keeps look way better on women but these I think are really versatile, I would rock em in a heartbeat. The price is a little inflated because of the Patta collaboration though.

Super exclusive, these just came in at eastwestworldwide.
Remember to use the code "SwaggerDap" to save %20!

I think Joan should be all over these...


Silly Thing x Kubrick - 1000% Daft Punk Set

Medicom and Silly Thing have teamed up for a sleek new 1000% Daft Punk toy set...

These are limited to 100 world wide and can be found at select retailers like Silly Thing (HK), colette (Paris), Dover Street Market (London), and Invincible (Taiwan). But these are the 1000% size which reach about 3 feet, so the price tag is rather outrageous, and upwards of $1,500.


via invincible

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Pic of the Day - Retro Super Future


A Bathing Ape - Black on Black Tiger Bapestas

Some ├╝ber exclusive Bapestas just dropped on Bape's website and I can assure you they will not be up for very long...

They are the black on black Tiger Bapestas that only will only see the retail shelves of Bapexlusive in Tokyo. So if you want a pair at a "fair" price this is your chance. Act now!!

Available on us.bape.com now. Guarantee they'll be gone by morning.


10 Deep - Fall 2009 "The Outsiders"

10 Deep has just unleashed their Fall 2009 Lookbook for "The Outsiders" (delivery 2) and things look nice and outdoorsy this season...

The toggle zip-up and pull overs are great, and the fitted with ear flaps are extremely well done. Flannels are also a solid staple item for the season, good neutral mountain climber-esque colorways going on.

Check out the entire lookbook here, and look for these items in the coming months.


KIKS TYO - a/w 2009

The sneaker heads of KIKS TYO are back with some more colorways and styles for the Fall...

(also in black, navy, orange, and royal blue)

(also in black/yellow, white/red)

(also in white/black, black/black)

Grab straight from the KIKS TYO web shop.

"Community of the sneaker nuts, by sneaker nuts, for sneaker nuts."


Artist Profile - Roadsworth

Montreal artist, Roadsworth has been adding flavor to the roads for years now. And although he has been amid angry governments and mass speculation, he also has gained a great fan following for his amazing public works...

Giant Zipper

North American Footprint

Full Asphalt Jacket

Asphalt Packaging


Fish Hook


Clearly clever and creative, Roadsworth has been artistically and tastefully vandalizing for the past 8 years in Montreal. The road as his canvas, he has recently been commissioned for works, mostly in Canada, which are slowly bringing him into the accepted modern art world from the dangerously anonymous street art world.
His story is so interesting that there is also documentary on the man now (you can view the trailer here). Also check a recent interview with Format, here.


Monday, September 28, 2009

Pic of the Day - Sublime


JR -"Women are Heroes" Project in Kenya

Even though you may not have known who it was or what is was all about, chances are you've seen the work of JR and his world-wide "Women are Heroes" project. Well this women empowerment through art movement has just hit Kenya, check the video. The visual is stunning...

JR has also hit Cambodia, other parts of Africa, Brazil, India, NYC, London, and keeps on moving. Check out the Women are Heroes site for tons more visuals, and information (in French).


via hypebeast

Raf by Raf - Low-Top Straps

Raf by Raf Simons is sticking to the straps but this time a low top with a slightly different style...

Taking a super classic silhouette and adding some funky straps completely revitalized the shoe and gives it that recognizable Raf Simons aesthetic. Smooth grain leather upper, suede accents and straps, rubber sole.

Available at Oak.


via HS

NOWHERE Interview with Nigo & Jun

With the recent opening if NOWHERE Hong Kong, Hypebeast was lucky enough to get a quick interview with Nigo and Jun Takahashi to speak a little bit more on the progression of the project.

They get into their history, their respective roles at Bape and UNDERCOVER, and naturally they touch on the NOWHERE project a bit as well.

Read the entire interview here. Some nice pictures of the new NOWHERE store as well.


Sunday, September 27, 2009

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Pic of the Day - Decisions Decisions


Claw Money “DIY Couture” Fall 2009 Collection

Claw Money brings fall colors with the Claw symbol and even some tye dye cropped tee for their Fall 2009 collection, "DIY Couture." This collection is inspired by tough girls who aren’t afraid to fight for fashion. Claw's new silhouettes are looking absolutely great. The collection is currently available at www.clawmoney.com.

I'm lovin' the oversized tee's with their claw symbol on it. The keychain and their glasses are lookin' dope. Your thoughts?


Married to the Mob Fall 2009 Collection Part 2 Sneak Peek

Married to the MOB is at it again for Part 2 of their Fall 2009 collection, who they also featured 18 year old rpper/singer Teyana Taylor. This second fall delivery is shot by one of the talented photographers, Brooke Nipar and modeled by the designer's little sister, Sweet 16 Sarah. From the sneak peek images it looks like designer, Leah, keeps the flow of jackets, fashionable tops, denim and tees to help complete the collection.

I've always been a fan of MTTM. I can't wait to see the whole collection of part 2!

via thisislavie



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