Monday, September 14, 2009

Super a/w 2009

Super is back for another season of shades, building on their tight collection with a few more styles and plenty more colors. Here's a look at Super's Autumn/ Winter 2009 collection...

"A spin-off of our instant classic shape, the FlatTop, is our four-lensed-side-view eyewear. It may be proudly worn for any occasion, wether it be driving on a sunday afternoon or to in your everyday life."

"Highly sensible Zeiss mirrored lenses for all snow terrains and strong sunlight, with leather protections to keep the wind & sun out of your eyes."

"Our Frances “golden arms” series is an ode to the Italian elegance, fashion and lifestyle of La Bella Vita. With its sharp black acetate and shiny legs this series is incredibly stylish and elegant, the all-black Zeiss completely hides your eyes, protecting them and maintaing the exclusive mystery-man look."

"The classic silhouette in dark grey, military metallic green, transparent black and our signature tortoise just to name a few…"

"This model comes in two sizes, to best suit both male and female faces and features. Its geometric yet classic design recalls the unique Italian style of engineer-deisgn, especially that of the Futurista movement and of Italian designers"

And one of the reasons that Super is so dope to me is their branding, or simple lack there of. While they used to only have "Retro Super Future" on the inside, they've now added a small "Super" on the inside of the hinge.

At this price point, Super definitely is killing all competition lately. Always coming with classic styles that have their own subtle flair these, this season follows suit. As someone with sensitive eyes, I love those 1st two pairs with the side blockers. Innovation.


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