Sunday, September 13, 2009

Air Yeezy Samples for Charity Sale (Grammys & VIs)

Nike and the Doernbecher Childrens Hospital have a short but special history of auctions to raise money for the cause. Well now there are two amazing chances to give to a charity, and oh yea get some 1 of 1 Nike Air Yeezy samples.

The 1st pair is the original pair of Air Yeezys that Kanye wore to the Grammys this past year. The murdered out ones that started all of the buzz and honestly if these babies dropped I would have been one of those fools camping out.
And yes they are the actual pair that Kanye wore, 1 of 1 with a special wooden Yeezy box.

The other pair is a variation to the released Yeezy construction as it sits on a Jordan VI sole & midsole. These were never even seen by Kanye as they were just one of the sample pairs during the making of the Air Yeezy. The orange lace lock is a nice touch and although it's not as balling as the 1st, it also comes with a custom Yeezy box.

At 1st I thought that the wooden box and fact that Kanye had actually worn them would have the Grammy pair going for way more, but the uniqueness of the VI inspired pair is pulling ahead. Both are a size 12, even though sadly there's a solid chance that the winner of them will never even wear them.

You can check out the auction links for more pictures as well as videos with sneaker head/ actor Chi McBride and Mark Smith, from Jordan, explaining more about the shoes and the charity.

Grammy Air Yeezy Samples
Jordan VI Air Yeezy Samples


via BT2 & solecollector

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