Thursday, September 03, 2009

Kid Cudi x Bape Tee for Fashion's Night Out

As mentioned, there will be a listening session for Cudi's new album during Fashion's Night out. Well here is that special product that was said to drop, an exclusive Bape x Kid Cudi tee...

To his credit, Cudi has been Baped out before the connect to Nigo and Kanye even came around, so the man deserves this one. And although simple, I'm really feeling the shirt, classic Bape.

So remember, September 10th. Fashion's Night Out. Be there.

EDIT: No image so not worth a post yet but BBC will be doing a Blue Print 3 tee shirt for the night to celebrate Jay's album dropping the next day. Pics soon.


via datnewcudi


  1. not only baped out, but he worked @ bape too.

    His life is amazing, from dreaming to wear bape, working at bape, and being called by nigo and have an event @ bape and a Tshirt to his name.

    Every bape fan would dream about this.

  2. Who's that character with kid cudi???



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