Thursday, December 30, 2010

Bape x Stussy x Luminox Watch

The third and final drop from the Bape x Stussy 'Survival of the Fittest' collection is dropping soon, and a nice little hidden gem of the collection is this murdered out Luminox 1100 Series watch...

So damn crispy. And while most of the collection (tees, black/grey camo hoody, backpack, and varsity jacket) will be dropping on new years day, this watch will be releasing on 1/15/10. Don't sleep!


Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Pokémon Black & White Preview

If you're up on the Pokémon scene then you know that the newest version, Black & White, has been out in Japan for months now, but will be officially hitting America on March 6th. Well now there is an official trailer to get us nerds excited for the most updated version of the game that we've seen... well... ever?...

Things I'm excited for:
1. They actually updated the graphics and game-play! Sure it's not drastic but it's different and looks much much better than the old layout and fighting animations that we've had for over a decade.
2. New story and new world. Seems like we're finally leaving the world of Ash, Red, Oak, Elm, Canto, Jhoto, Bill, etc.
3. 156 new Pokémon. And this isn't in addition to the hundreds of old Pokemon, this is just what you get, 156 Pokémon that you've never seen before. While it could never be the same, it will be the closest thing you can get to Red/Blue since you'll have to learn these new guys instead of relying on the OGs and saying 'fuck you' to the corny new characters (at least that was my approach).

Thing's I'm not excited for:
1. The starting 3. Considering how important they are to the game, these are epically weak this time around. And usually you can rely on an at least decent lineup.
2. 156 new Pokémon. Yeah yeah, I said I was excited to learn the new stuff, but I'll still miss looking for a Jigglypuff and Pikachu to complete my squad.
3. March 6th! Seriously though, is it necessary for Japan to get this game an entire 7 months ahead of us!? C'mon son. Plus I'll be in Japan when this releases and I can only imagine how hard it's gunna be to find the USA version in Japan since it's next to impossible to find the Japan version here unless you know a guy.

Yep, SwaggerDap just gained like +312exp nerd points for this post, and lost a few readers too. But fuck it, 'Gotta catch em all'.


Monday, December 27, 2010

Nike Air Pegasus '89 "Tech Grey"

Before the Air Max series took over Nike's running sneaker market into the 90s, the Pegasus runner was king. And while new Pegasus models do still come out, the OG models from the 80's (especially Pegasus '83 and '87) are still by far the most popular when they make a rare sighting. For 2011 Nike updates the Pegasus '89 with a simple yet modern looking "Tech Grey" colorway...

Gotta say that I didn't think a Pegasus would ever make an appearance on SwaggerDap, but these are surprisingly nice and updated so they don't actually look like they were made in 1989! Only downside (for most of us) is that I wouldn't be too shocked if these were a Europe only release. But since they're due out soon, we'll just have to wait and see.


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Saturday, December 25, 2010

Merry Christmas from SwaggerDap

Merry Christmas (*cough* I mean 'Happy Holidays') to all of our readers! Thanks for reading and supporting SwaggerDap and all of our new blogs this year. Hope everyone has a fantastic holiday, while eating and drinking just a little too much. Look forward to meeting and building with more of you in the coming year.

(took this in Hong Kong a few years ago in front of one of the many Anytime stores. Sorry for the poor quality)

And if you aren't up on the rest of our sites, be sure to check out Fuck You John (my photography), SongZiGe (music), The Dap (dope shit), Sleep is for Babies (funny shit).


Wednesday, December 22, 2010

In God We Trust - 'Poison' Flask

Last week I introduced you guys to In God We Trust, with their classy 'Cheers Mother Fucker' flask. Well after visiting their store to check out the goods, I fell in love with a few items, and one of them was yet another flask...

Yes, the classic 'Poison' sign on an alcohol container, in a super sweet style done by hand. Still trying to figure out if I like this or the 'Cheers Mother Fucker' more, but either way they are both totally bad-ass.

Grab online or at any of the four In God We Trust locations in NYC (LES, SoHo, Williamsburg, Green Point).


Simply Complicated - Winter 2010

Haven't heard much from Simply Complicated lately, but they have just launched their Winter 2010 line just in time for the holidays...

Flight 19 was a squad of 5 TBM avenger planes that disappeared during a training mission while flying over the Bermuda Triangle. The planes were never recovered, nor were any of the pilots ever seen or heard from again.

Ansel Adams is arguably one of the greatest photographers of all time and one of the creators of the Zone System that is still in use today. This picture is one of Adams' most famous works that was done whilst employed by the US Goverment in the 1940's. (Also available in Red)

Bernini's angels are some of the most famous statues from the Baroque period and the flowing lines and organic figure of this particular statue lend well to the Simply Complicated logo (Also available in white)

The Big Apple is one of the most recognizable skylines in the world and is the gateway to the land of opportunity that you and I know as the United States.

Ben Franklin is often credited with the discovery of electricty after tying a key to a kite during a lightning storm, even though this could have possibly kiled him, it was a discovery that catapulted the world from the dark ages to modern society. (Also available in black)

As always, way more than just graphics on tees. Cop right now through Simply Complicated's web shop. (and as always, you can use the code "SwaggerDap" for some nice savings)


Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Bape x Dr Martens - Saddle Shoe

Bape's URSUS line is teaming up with Dr Martens for some nice saddle shoes for Spring 2011...

Smooth, and a nice slight twist on the traditional saddle shoe. Part of the URSUS Spring 2011 collection.


Marcus Troy iPhone App

The big homie, Marcus Troy, just launched his very own iPhone app today, giving you the full MT blog experience on the go...

Same great content from Marcus Troy, with a few different ways to browse the material, which is especially nice considering the slow and bulky pages that most blogs offer on phone browsers. And most impressive to me was how smooth and seamless everything is, really good job on development.

Available now for free in the App Store.


Bape URSUS Spring 2011

Bape hits us with the URSUS Spring 2011 collection, artfully shot I Spy style...

Overall I think the art direction outdoes the actual products, but URSUS is always clean and impressive. And the footwear and accessories from this collection are especially nice here.


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Monday, December 20, 2010

Currsen$y - Daze of Thunder | Video

Spitta goes over 'Live Fat, Die Young' and gives us some visuals to get ready for the upcoming mixtape...

Return To The Winners Circle, due out soon. I've said it before, but this man's work ethic is silly. Makes me almost bitter towards my other favorite artists who put out music once every 1-2 years, while Curren$y has had about 6 projects in 2010 alone... AND the year ain't over!


via creative control

Introducing: Lemon Clothing

Lemon is a new line out of Hawaii that just sent over a video featuring their 2010 Winter goods. The video is a little lengthy but definitely captures that laid back way of life and uses one of my favorite songs of all time, so I had to show love...

Remember when Cee Lo used to rap!?

"When life hands you lemons, make dope shit!"


Thursday, December 16, 2010

In God We Trust - 'Cheers Mother Fucker' Flask

It has literally been years (yes, years) that I have been searching for the perfect flask that I can call my very own, and the good folks over at In God We Trust just may have crafted the flask of my dreams...

Simple, classy, and well stated. As long as the quality is on point, this must grace the inner pocket of my jacket very soon.

Made of stainless steel, each flask is hand engraved so that no two are exactly alike. You can get one step closer to alcoholism and grab this beaut online at Refinery29 or at one of the three In God We Trust boutiques in NYC.


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Mastermind Japan Ramen Bowls

Mastermind Japan will soon be tackling the noodle business in Tokyo, as they team up with Chan Soo Ramen and The Contemporary Fix for a three day restaurant event. The ramen dishes will be served in special Mastermind bowls (there are 2 styles) that will be available for purchase when you're done eating. Peep the most bad-ass ramen ever...

I'm pretty sure this will lead to the longest wait for a bowl of ramen that Japan has ever seen.

The Contemporary Fix
January 8-10th, 2011
3-12-14, Minato-ku Kitaaoyama
Aoyama, Tokyo, Japan


via fashionsnap & juksy

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Curt@!n$ - Killer Tape (Mixtape)

Curta@!n$ aka Dope Boy C aka Dopey, just dropped his latest work, Killer Tape...

Download Killer Tape free from his Bandcamp

Sadly I haven't had a chance to peep yet, but he's leaked a few tracks that have all been solid so far, leading to some high expectations for this tape. And if you've never listened to Curt@!n$ before, he has crazy energy on the mic and a pretty dope perspective, so check him out!

Previously: Curt@!n$ - God Bless Us All | Video
and Curt@!n$ on Fuck You John


Stampd' LA x The Ampal Creative - The Dope Hat

Stampd' LA and The Ampal Creative just got together to release this Dope hat...

Complete with a stash pocket inside the hat (peep the video to see), and snap back, this is like a 5 panel and 59fifty hybrid cap on steroids. Limited to only 50 pieces, it's available online at both Stampd' and The Ampal Creative online shops.


Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Shanghai 5 (Skateboarding Documentary) | Video

Film maker Charles Lanceplaine put together this excellent documentary that explores the slowly uprising skating scene and culture in Shanghai, China. Relatively lengthy but completely worth the watch, especially if you've visited Shanghai (or just China) before. The first half is more documentary geared, while the second half is mostly skating footage throughout the city...

Really well done and great to see the opinions of the locals as well as ex-pat skaters. Skate culture is so ready to blow up in China, and I think they need that rebel culture so bad! Hopefully the government doesn't crack down too hard as it grows and takes over the streets and parks.


via HB

The Selby Visits Pharrell's Home in Miami

The Selby recently made its way down to Miami to get a look into Pharrell's spacious home. Filled with amazing Kaws work, some of Pharrell's own designs and plenty of breath-taking visuals, take a look...

"You can do it too..."

Absolutely insane on all counts. I feel like my whole life just got shitted on, but then inspired to reach for more.

If you arent familiar with The Selby already, it is photographer Todd Selby's project that visits both the creative and living spaces of some of the world's best from the creative world. You'll be hooked on the site, and they also just published their very first book.

Previously: The Selby Visits Ryu at the Medicom Toys Office


Monday, December 13, 2010

Curt@!n$ - God Bless Us All | Video

Curt@!n$ hits us with some visuals as we get ready for the Killer Tape. This is his track is over N*E*R*D's God Bless Us All...

"I flow like I'm outta my GOD-DAMN mind! and I rap like I ain't got a GOD-DAMN dime!"

The Killer Tape drops on Dec 15th. And don't worry, I'll have you all linked up on SwaggerDap so you don't forget. Lastly, for some shameless cross self promoting, peep Curt@!n$ appearance on my other site, FuckYouJohn.com.


Friday, December 10, 2010

Comme des Garçons - 'Merry Happy Crazy Colour' Edition Perfume

For the holidays, Comme des Garçons is putting a festive twist on the packaging of two fragrances. The very popular Comme des Garçons 2 as well as the brand new Wonderwood scents will be done up, Merry Crazy Happy Colour style...

The bottles are covered in a bright and colorful hand-made paper maché mask. Available in the coming weeks at Comme des Garçons stores and select accounts.


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Thursday, December 09, 2010

Bape x G-Shock 5500

Bape and G-Shock are at it once again, this time for a very simple, mostly back 5500 model...


Just released at Bape stores worldwide and on the Bape webshop. Go!


Tuesday, December 07, 2010

Flying Lotus - Zodiac Shit | Video

New moving visuals from Flying Lotus, for his song Zodiac Shit...

Loving the overall animation, direction, and subtle Chinese Zodiac theme throughout. It's really crazy how FlyLo videos somehow come pretty close to matching the zoned out feelings of the songs. Those transitions from animal to animal were trippy bro!

G'looks to my music obsessed homie Chrissi for the heads up on this one, which apparently premiered on Adult Swim.

Previously: Flying Lotus - Kill Your Coworkers & Flying Lotus - MmmHmm


Sunday, December 05, 2010

Saturday, December 04, 2010

vitaminTHICK FW2010 Lookbook Teaser

You might remember the brand vitaminTHICK that I introduced a while back. Well, here's a preview of their FW2010 collection.

Stay tuned.


Friday, December 03, 2010

Bape Shark 2010 Release

For the 2010 version of the Shark, Bape is going back to the simple OG colorways, with 'WGM' (world gone mad) patch on the half camo hood, and for a new detail, a half camo left sleeve...

Sure these look pretty much like the classic sharks that we all used to lust over, and while they definitely aren't better, the half camo sleeve is actually a pretty nice little detail. And I'm very pleased to see the original colorways, so crispy. Doesn't matter how mature fashion wants to get, the shark hoody is just a timeless piece of streetwear (the tiger and fish though, that's your own judgement call).

Out this weekend at Bape shops.


Thursday, December 02, 2010

Marc Jacobs x Starks Laces

Stepping outside the walls of streetwear, the good people at Starks are teaming up with Marc Jacobs for a couple pairs of very clean and simple laces...

With the ridiculous amount of collaborations these days, I've always loved the parody of "Jacobs by Marc Jacobs for Marc by Marc Jacobs in collaboration with Jacobs for Marc Jacobs...." which is common place on MJ totes. So seeing the same on the laces is pretty great. Already out, and only $4 at MJ stores or online, these are totally worth the cop just to throw in a collab pair of sneakers.


via sneakernews


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