Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Pokémon Black & White Preview

If you're up on the Pokémon scene then you know that the newest version, Black & White, has been out in Japan for months now, but will be officially hitting America on March 6th. Well now there is an official trailer to get us nerds excited for the most updated version of the game that we've seen... well... ever?...

Things I'm excited for:
1. They actually updated the graphics and game-play! Sure it's not drastic but it's different and looks much much better than the old layout and fighting animations that we've had for over a decade.
2. New story and new world. Seems like we're finally leaving the world of Ash, Red, Oak, Elm, Canto, Jhoto, Bill, etc.
3. 156 new Pokémon. And this isn't in addition to the hundreds of old Pokemon, this is just what you get, 156 Pokémon that you've never seen before. While it could never be the same, it will be the closest thing you can get to Red/Blue since you'll have to learn these new guys instead of relying on the OGs and saying 'fuck you' to the corny new characters (at least that was my approach).

Thing's I'm not excited for:
1. The starting 3. Considering how important they are to the game, these are epically weak this time around. And usually you can rely on an at least decent lineup.
2. 156 new Pokémon. Yeah yeah, I said I was excited to learn the new stuff, but I'll still miss looking for a Jigglypuff and Pikachu to complete my squad.
3. March 6th! Seriously though, is it necessary for Japan to get this game an entire 7 months ahead of us!? C'mon son. Plus I'll be in Japan when this releases and I can only imagine how hard it's gunna be to find the USA version in Japan since it's next to impossible to find the Japan version here unless you know a guy.

Yep, SwaggerDap just gained like +312exp nerd points for this post, and lost a few readers too. But fuck it, 'Gotta catch em all'.




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