Sunday, February 01, 2009

The Conference Board: Footwear

I know, I know. We slacked again on keeping The Conference Board segment consistent. Well to make up for it, this time we decided to do the segment live on Twitter. That’s right, our Board of trustees had to tell us exactly how they felt in 140 characters or less. Here’s how it all went down.

Kanye West x Louis Vitton Sneakers

More Info:SwaggerDap

cocoachanel: the heel is pretty sick. while i appreciate the simplicity of the shoe, i'm not sure this should be Kanye's 1st stamp
mfastow: I like them. Simplicity is nice. Do I gotta discuss the pricetag? These are probably 1 months ren
kennethcold: not. just too much for me. i'm more low key, so the solid blood red wouldn't work for me
john_swaggerdap: (price out of mind) I love these. So clean n simple, and the "heel tongue" is just awesome design (*starts special savings account*)
sh3lldon: red kanyes are nice, but am i dropping the cash? most likely no

Nike Dunk Low Teen Wolfs

More Info:SwaggerDap

mfastow: I just got called Teen Wolf yesterday, so I have an affinity for these kicks. Reminds me of the ALife Wu kicks.
kennethcold: wow. i think i may be in over my head, haha. pass on these. no fur on my shoes is a general rule of thumb
john_swaggerdap: another Nike where it's concept > execution. I like them for what they are but they're not touching my feet.
cocoachanel: the Nike's are a pretty hot concept. only thing is they are just a bit too clean to sell the werewolf image they're going for.
sh3lldon: Teen Wolf was the shit and the concept is there, when im back in the UK these would be my snow kicks!

Nike Air Griffey Max 1 Retro

More info: Hypebeast

mfastow: Nice throwback joints. I'd probably wear it more to support Griff than for the fashion. They match my Marlins fitted(s).
cocoachanel: Yo! My older sister had these back in '95! I loved these shoes! the colorway is perfect. a must cop for any sneakerhead.
kennethcold: i'ma go ahead & say cop on this one. i always like the Griffey's. i could rock w/ these
john_swaggerdap: in the top 5 retros ever for me, I remember wanting these as a kid. BUT dont really mess with athletic kicks so I'd pass
sh3lldon: The AGM1 retros are killing it, must cop for me i'm a sucka for retros tho!

Nike x Coraline Dunks

More Info:SwaggerDap

mfastow: Nike lost. Stuart Little did not deserve this.
kennethcold: cop. these are dope, sans the rodent. that's my only issue, lol. like the color scheme otherwise
cocoachanel: Nike? why was the doll needed. otherwise the shoe is dope as hell. love the patchwork. and the button detail is hot.
john_swaggerdap: i'm out to see Coraline on my birthday so I have a chance at these, tail n all. Wish the toe box wasn't leather though
sh3lldon: Coraline Dunks are just not for me point blank!

Roc Star Ato Matsumoto Sneaker

More info: Hypebeast

mfastow: 1970 Atlanta Braves logo meets Jackson Pollock meets Vin Diesel in The Chronicles of Riddick. "Ralph!!" - Cheech Marin
kennethcold: cop. fuck it, why not? need somethin' space age in the arsenal. always been a fan of a nice red & black scheme
john_swaggerdap: Yes. Even tho the solid color Ato's are far superior I still like these. Little cheaper than the Kanye joints too!
cocoachanel: I like it. the idea is simple and the color and design are hot. plus straps are hot this season.
sh3lldon: solid colorway atos > roc stars! The gradient doesnt work for me

Hmm…the Kanye’s I dunno. It’s a dope lookin shoe but not that dope. So the price killed it for that one. It’s a recession
I’m not coppin the wolves. If someone got um for me Id def'ly rock ‘um. I feel like the fur will keep my feet toasty during Syracuse winters...
The Coraline’s are a definite for me. Especially if I can take the tail off. But im rockin out with the toy mouse on um!!
The Ato’s?! Idunno.Im not scared 2 rock pink, But Im not definitely sold.I feel like if I let the straps wildout tho,im in there

Meezyy: Lastly, who's taking the superbowl?!
mfastow: Steelers 27-17. MVP: Polamalu
cocoachanel: CARDS ALL DAY! yes the steelers defense is amazing. but kurt warner has the ill quick release. i say cards 20-14.
Kennethcold: Steelers all day homie!
sh3lldon: I can see anyway except Pittsburgh
john_swaggerdap: Cards, Underdogs FTW!

I co-sign @john_swaggerdap

The Board

John (john_swaggerdap) is SwaggerDap’s posterboy. If he’s Jay-Z, I’m Dame. Oh, and he likes watching Yo Gabba Gabba.
Kenn Starr (Kennethcold) is a recording artist from the(D)c(M)aryland(V)irgina. Peep his music.
Matt (mfastow) is Floridian that Currently resides in Brooklyn. He works for Sirius XM Radio in Talent & Industry Relations. I call it professional gopher.
Shelldon (sh3lldon) is a moderater on Bapetalk and travels a lot. He’s also a Brit in Aussieland and has followed SwaggerDap since its been in diapers.
Selina (cocoachanel) is a student at Syracuse University. She thinks Curt@!n$ is the truth!
Me? (Meezyy)I’m Mr. sometimes I just blog out of nowhere himself



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