Thursday, June 30, 2011

Adidas Originals Stan Smith II - Grey Jersey

Honestly Adidas rarely does it for me, but on there are surely those occasions where they can impress, such as with these Stan Smith II's that are done in a simple grey jersey material along with just the perfect amount of blue to accent it all...

(So curious if that denim on the back is treated so it wont bleed)

No doubt these are simple, clean, and have an interesting enough material to turn a few heads (even though you might have to be sure to carry around some Tide-to-go when you rock them). However I think a small part of me just likes them so much cause they remind me of the impossible to get pair of colette x Reebok Pumps, which I lusted after pretty hard.

Either way they will be hitting Adidas Originals accounts soon, and for a pretty modest price too, so might be worth checking out.


via sneakerfiles

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  1. Adidas is a great choice for shoes. It is combining fashion, comfort, performance and price.



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