Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Uniqlo x Jil Sander +J Line Comes to an End

After 2 years total, the collaboration line between Uniqlo and Jil Sander will be coming to an end, as Uniqlo has just announced that the Fall 2011 +J collection will be the very last.

From my first hand experience with the company it seems that the line still did relatively well in America however may have tried to expand a little too aggressively since +J isn't as popular with the Japanese customers. However the line that has been widely acclaimed will definitely be missed in the NYC stores next year but I'm sure will leave room for much more collaborations and options from the company, so don't worry!

And as for this final collection, I definitely suggest checking it out since it'll be the last chance. The cuts, quality and minimalist style are damn good for the prices and it's a pretty good way to get the grown designer look for the low (I guess I'm mostly speaking on the men's line since it's what I've tried on and bought).

Now to just wait and see what Uniqlo has to roll out with next...


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