Thursday, June 16, 2011

SebastiAn - Embody | Music Video

SebastiAn is a new artist on Ed Banger Records who just released his debut album, Total, a few weeks ago and is turning some heads in the electronic music front. This video is actually far from new, my boy David put me onto it months ago, but it wasn't until I heard his album that I was totally sold on SebastiAn. So I suggest a peep of the video, and even if you can't get down with the catchy-ass beat, the video is pretty entertaining itself...

The album stays along the same pace of this song, and I guess my best description is that his stuff sounds like a happier and less intense version of Justice but with the same overall sound as his label mates. There's also features from Mayer Hawthorne, MIA and Justice which are all dope tracks.

And lemme know if a black kid with awesome dance moves shows up when you play this video, cause no such luck here... maybe my speakers aren't good enough though.


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