Thursday, March 06, 2008

Sandman of the R.E.U.P.G.A.N.G.!!!

“Once again it is Sandman. Shaking My Fat Ass!”

You Got Fans Sandman!!
Here’s a little aim convo snippet between me and my little brother.
It goes a little something like this…

Him (7:29:56 PM): do you know when the Sandman album comez out?
Me (7:29:58 PM): nope
Me (7:29:59 PM): wow, you a big sandman fan?
Him (7:30:18 PM): he better outta all a them
Me (7:30:23 PM): @E$%$^#
Me (7:30:28 PM): DAVID!!
Him (7:30:32 PM): hmmm?
Me (7:30:37 PM): Sandman is not better than Pusha or Malice!!!
Me (7:30:40 PM): maybe liva
Me (7:30:45 PM): we can argue about him being better than liva
Me (7:30:52 PM): but not better than pusha or malice!
Him (7:31:44 PM): Lick BAllz.....hez the best lyricz wise and the flow is **muahh**...
Me (7:31:59 PM): you're dead to me.

I mean, I can’t agree with him. They’re ok and they compliment the Clipse very well. But solo albums? .... I’m iffy. BUT! I must admit that I love the fact that there are Liva and Sandman evangelists out there.

Sorry Lil’ bro… I don’t know when the albums drop put keep peepin the Re-Up Gang Blog to stay up to date.


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