Wednesday, March 12, 2008

MM...Food & Liquor x Original Fake Intestines Tee Shirt, eh?

If there's one thing we do a lot on road trips - its eat. Here's a sample of fine establishments in which we dined.

A FuddRuckers just outside of Buffalo and approximately 20 minutes before our lives almost ended via spin out and semi truck on the highway. Word, the food was awesomely good tho.

We stopped and ate at maybe 2 to 4 different Sushi spots and had at least 1 roll and 3 rounds of Sake Bombs.

As you can see - Nillz gets pretty excited. Lmao

This Korean Grill House was poppin.

You cook the food yourself. We also had a big jug of Maitai but no pic - sorry.

Some unfortunate ducks in a shop in the middle of Toronto's Chinatown.

We had some beers and fries at Hooter's before we went to Club Circa.

Our last meal at Fran's. We ate there maybe 5 times. Unbelievable. Food was definitely good.

A McDonald's around the way. Gotta love how Canadians will throw a Maple leaf anywhere. Smh @ Nationalism.

Menu looks a little different and OD healthy.

The Garbage said "Thank You" when I threw my shit out. It bugged me the hell out! Who the hell spends that much on R&D towards a damn Garbage bin?!

Egchk! So much food could make you sick to your stomach. Peep this Original Fake Companion "Intestine" T-Shirt Coming soon.

The tee shows the Kaws Companion character holding his own intestine and should be released worldwide in about a weeks time.

Pics via Original Fake.
Info via Highsnobiety.

Again - Live Your Life!, Be a Consumer When You Want To Be.



  1. contrary to your report, the Canadians probably weren't the ones who through the maple leaf on there, it was most likely a decision made by McDonald's...so its not really Nationalism, but rather marketing of nationalism.

  2. interesting POV there

    i'd like to apologize on behalf of the ignorant meezy and his canada bashing comments then

    foreal.... canada is the shit



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