Tuesday, March 25, 2008

NYC, "Yeeaaaaaaahhhhhh"

Headed home again for Easter this past weekend, and hit the city once again to take care of some business.

Right off of the subway I ran into this little number. Dave's Quality Meats - Supreme beef??

Yes, it says "Kermit Suck (drawing of falace)" with a DQM sticker over the Supreme logo. Bad business man.

Anyways, Flight Club was next up. "God's Favorite Sneaker Store"

and remember those Puma Spys that i put up on FC last week? Well turns out Young Jeezy copped em! No joke!

Then after a SoHo trip it was back home...

Copped some stuff for friends upon request

...and something for myself

Told you I'd cop that Stussy tee! Oh, and FINALLY found a SpongeBob x Milo tee in my size, which made my day.

Then on my way back to school i realized that I matched my luggage. I couldn't be this fly if I tried, it's just natural i suppose.

Now it'll prolly be another 4-5 weeks before I get back to the city unfortunately :(



  1. Jeezy? Word? $20 says one of his weed carriers copped it on some "These are for Jeezy, I promise." None the less, tight work on that check. Be careful man. The blogosphere gonna want that guap from ya.

  2. You cropped my foot out ya lil bitch!



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