Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Kidrobot x Adult Swim Toys

One of the few Kidrobot toy drops this month features everyone's favorite Adult Swim characters!

But whats pictured is not all; from the Kidrobot site:
"We've teamed up with Adult Swim to bring your late night to life. From Robot Chicken and Mad Scientist to Assy McGee, Carl and the Mooninites, ridiculous-ness in a box can be yours for just $7.95 a piece. 18 characters in all, including two secret chases. Badass!"

Cant lie, i would love some ATHF and Assy McGee toys.

Also set to drop are Yummy Breakfast Keychains:

The Adult Swim toys will release on the 17th and the Yummy Breakfast keychains on the 10th of this month. So look out.


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