Sunday, October 26, 2008

Hong Kong Releases - Silver & Gold Bape 88s

After dropping in Japan and then NY, the Silver and Gold Bape 88s released this Sunday in Hong Kong.
I got there around 8am...

I was lucky number 13...

Almost didn't get my size but someone was nice enough to trade numbers with me so I got the Siver Hi's as planned.

After waiting in line we all were brought into the store, which was completely empty, every sneaker off the shelves and all clothes off the racks. The only product visible was the 4 sneakers released which were displayed in the front of the store as almost a prize when you walked in. It took a little while of people trying sizes on and a scare when someone stole my 11 but all was good, a very smooth release.
The people waiting and the staff were both the nicest out of any drop I've been to, especially compared to certain NYC shops that will not be mentioned.


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