Sunday, April 25, 2010

Neighborhood x Original Fake Golden Week Exclusive T-shirt


I got a chance to have a look at the new NBHD x Original Fake Golden Week exclusive t-shirt this week.

Unfortunately I was not able to take pictures but can tell you that there are 2 designs. The first has neighborhood written across the chest with a Kaws "bendy" design wrapped around it. The T will be available in black with the bendy in lime green and white with the bendy in pink. The second design sports NHOF lettering set in a Kaws design.

Due for release on the 3rd May which is during Golden Week here in Japan. Golden Week is one of the busiest periods in Japan, with most Japanese people going on vacation during this time. There are also lots of sales.

Hopefully I will be picking up one of the Ts on launch so will have pics then.

Thanks to Kawashima-san of DoubleDutch for help with the information.


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